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Corporate Governance Report

Matters resolved at the 2010 Annual General Meeting

  • received the audited accounts for the year ended 31 December 2009 together with the Reports of the Directors and

the Auditor;

  • payment of the final dividend of HK35 cents per share for the year ended 31 December 2009;

  • election of Mr. Lo Kai Shui, Madam Law Wai Duen, Mr. Lo Hong Sui, Antony, Mrs. Lee Pui Ling, Angelina and Mr. Zhu

Qi as Directors;

  • approval to fix the maximum number of Directors at 15;

  • approval of the ordinary remuneration of HK$120,000 per annum payable to each Director for the year ending 31

December 2010;

  • re-appointment of Messrs. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu as the Auditor of the Company and authorisation to the Board of Directors to fix their remuneration;

  • approval to grant a general mandate to the Directors to repurchase shares not exceeding 10% of the issued share capital;

  • approval to grant a general mandate to the Directors to allot, issue and deal with additional shares not exceeding 20% of the issued share capital; and

  • approval to extend the general mandate granted to the Directors to allot, issue and deal with shares by the number of shares repurchased.


During the year, the number of employees of the Group increased approximately 5% to 4,679. The increase was attributable to the business rebounded and recovered in our hotel operations during the year. Salary levels of employees are competitive and discretionary bonuses are granted based on performance of the Group as well as performance of individual employees. Other employee benefits include educational allowance, insurance, medical scheme and provident fund schemes. Senior employees (including executive directors) are entitled to participate in the Great Eagle Holdings Limited Share Option Scheme. In order to enhance employee relations and communications, regular meetings of general staff with senior management have been arranged for the year, with particular emphasis on performance management. To further support the engagement of employees, our Hotel Division has also adopted the Total Quality Management (TQM) technology to drive development of people and continuous improvement of management systems.

In 2010, the Group has operated its competency-based human resources management module and implemented its 2010 staff training and people development plan which included management development programme for selected managerial staff to explore leadership competence, team building sessions for managers and team members to learn together key elements of team work spirit, good communication, and working synergy in order to further accelerate team effectiveness and strengthen management competencies. The Group has facilitated lots of external training programmes in leadership and other soft skill aspects, and also delivered a series of in-house technical skill training. Further details on workplace quality are set out in the report on Corporate Social Responsibility available in this Annual Report.

Great Eagle Holdings Limited

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