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3. Significant accounting policies (continued)

Leasehold land and building

When a lease includes both land and building elements, the Group assesses the classification of each element as a finance lease or an operating lease separately based on the assessment as to whether substantially all the risks and rewards incidental to ownership of each element have been transferred to the Group. Specifically, the minimum lease payments (including any lump-sum upfront payments) are allocated between the land and the building elements in proportion to the relative fair values of the leasehold interests in the land element and building element of the lease at the inception of the lease.

To the extent the allocation of the lease payments can be made reliably, interest in leasehold land that is accounted for as an operating lease is presented as prepaid lease paymentsin the consolidated statement of financial position and is amortised over the lease term on a straight-line basis except for those that are classified and accounted for as investment properties under the fair value model. When the lease payments cannot be allocated reliably between the land and building elements, the entire lease is generally classified as a finance lease and accounted for as property, plant and equipment, unless it is clear that both elements are operating leases, in which case the entire lease is classified as an operating lease.

Property, plant and equipment

Property, plant and equipment including owner occupied land and buildings held for use in the supply of services, or for administrative purposes (other than properties under construction as described below) are stated at cost less subsequent accumulated depreciation and accumulated impairment losses. Freehold land are stated at cost less accumulated impairment loss.

Leasehold land and buildings transferred from investment properties are stated at deemed cost equal to its fair value at the date of change in use.

Depreciation is provided to write off the cost of items of property, plant and equipment (other than properties under construction) except for freehold land over their estimated useful lives and after taking into account of their estimated residual value, using the straight-line method, at the following rates per annum:

Leasehold land

Over the term of the lease

Owner occupied properties and hotel buildings

Over the shorter of the term of the lease or 50 years

Furniture and fixtures, motor vehicles and plant and machinery


Properties in the course of construction for production, supply or administrative purposes are carried at cost, less any recognised impairment loss. Costs include professional fees and, for qualifying assets, borrowing costs capitalised in accordance with the Groups accounting policy. Such properties are classified to the appropriate categories of property, plant and equipment when completed and ready for intended use. Depreciation of these assets, on the same basis as other property assets, commences when the assets are ready for their intended use.

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