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Emigrant Wilderness ~ 6 - 10 August 2007

This report is divided into creative writing and creative (maybe mundane) information at the end for those interested in directions and review of new equipment. The section on directions lists my favorite paths, favorite campsites, and GPS coordinates. The new equipment section may give you ideas. This report also fulfils requests from my fishy friends to enquire what the fishing conditions were, so if you’re a fisherman, read on.

The Drive Up

Emigrant Wilderness Gianelli Trailhead

The best and maybe only part of the drive up that is worthwhile is getting fed before the outing. After reaching the Summit Ranger Station in Pinecrest and obtaining a wilderness permit, I drove 6/10 mile down the road to the Steam Donkey for a soon-to-be well deserved meal. Burger with a side of fruit, ice tea, and an outdoor table with a view of the Sierra forest. Certainly a pleasant beginning. After lunch, a short but time consuming 15 mile drive to the Gianelli trailhead to Emigrant Wilderness for the start of my outing.

Monday, August 6

After driving to the Gianelli trailhead, I tramped 2 miles to Powell Lake and set up home at my favorite campsite. Other than a group of a dozen naked ladies on the other side of the lake, I had it to myself - well maybe the ladies weren't naked, but they did cackle loudly. It was at this lake that I observed my one and only jumping fish, but more of this later. Because (and in part throughout the trip) of the breezy conditions, there were no bugs [great!] but at dusk there were also no bats [dang!].

Tuesday, August 7

The next day I tramped 8 long miles to Wire Lake. On the way I encountered a very scary situation: The wild Sierra cows in Whiteside Meadows - I suspect the purveyor of these beasts has a grandfather clause to use the wilderness for summer grazing - but please, let’s let grandfather rest in peace.

I also passed (or should I say they Downed Tree Root passed me) a group of horseback

riders. Lots of dust, but otherwise a great way to get outdoors.

Later, while taking a break in Salt Lick Meadow I viewed one of many hawks. This one was being hounded by a smaller bird, it was quite a show. Then at dusk while at Wire Lake relaxing on the beach, I was treated to wonderful shows of small birds. Many were hopping along the shoreline looking for an evening meal and some hopped as close as ten feet from my meditative position.

Alternate Locomotion

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