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Yes, at Wire Lake I found a grand campsite - it was on the east side of the lake and got afternoon sun, it had a sandy beach (where I had all my meals), it had granite rocks to sit on, it was just wonderful. I believe this was the same site I was at in 2002. I spent two nights there and I would definitely consider it as a destination again. My first night I had the lake to myself, the second night there was a family group on the other side of the lake. Other than early mornings there was a

constant breeze and thus it was difficult to see , Threadleaf Groundsel

any fish jumping in the choppy water. Later on I learned that a very good place to fish is the 3rd (of 3) and largest and lowest Wire lake - he said "it’s the best camping and least used Wire Lake, and also has good fishing." I have been curious of the other two Wire Lakes, maybe

Wild Sierra Cows!

next time I’ll make it a destination. Wednesday, August 8

On my layover day I did almost all I had intended to do which I had also intended to do two years earlier but then got pleasantly lost. My goal was to day tramp to Leighton Lake by way of Wood Lake and Karls Lake, but by the time I finished a late lunch at Karls Lake it was already 2

Karls Lake

PM, so that was it. It was definitely a great day, I only got minimally lost. Karls Lake was certainly worth the effort, it would be a nice destination to get away from everyone. It is a medium-large, low depth lake pot marked with many small islands and has dozens of fingers. I suspect there would be little or no fish. To get to Karls Lake read the section on Directions. During the 8 hours of the day’s tramping, I probably traveled 12-15 miles. My GPS came in very handy to find the hidden trailhead and to guide me out of Karls Lake.

Early on this layover day I met a bone fide fly fisherman, he wanted to fish the streams but was very concerned for the fish since the water levels were way down. Compared with 2005 (a very wet year), the meadows were quite dry and creek flow was low. I suspect further out near the Cherry Creek drainage it would have been better [I was in that area in 2002]. The fish he did catch & released were 10-12 inch in size. He seemed knowledgeable about the history of fish in Emigrant saying that they are all planted, some are rainbow and others are landlocked salmon - it must have been the salmon variety I saw in 2002 that was 20 inch or more. He was with a couple friends who had there food and some gear packed in, complete with float tubes. They were staying at Deer Lake and would pack everything out themselves. He commented at the many, many people in Emigrant, although I hadn't observed this where I camped, but I suspect Deer Lake is a primary destination as I know Wood Lake is. On my way out on Friday I observed his comment first hand when I saw hoards of both day trekkers and overnighters at all the lakes I passed. Wire Lake Beach at Sunset

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