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During the trip, I stopped many times to take pictures with my big camera attached to my heavy and versatile tripod. Each time I took out the equipment, at least 20 minutes would pass, I guess this is as good a reason to go solo. Although my preferred subject is wildflowers, Emigrant was definitely past peak. No doubt the very low snow levels this past winter had taken its toll. I did take many pictures of landscapes such as the various lakes I visited.

After cleaning up, I stopped in Oakdale at Cocina Michoacana for a grand Mexican food dinner, yummy, yummy. Traffic going to the mountains on this Friday afternoon was its usual mess, fortunately I was traveling in the opposite direction.

New Equipment Review

Mont-Bell Thermawrap Jacket: I first saw this jacket while on a local outing, a friend was wearing one. At 9 ounces (for a large), it is warmer, more versatile, and lighter than your typical 100-weight fleece (12 ounces). It has hand pockets which the fleece does not, and it stuffs into a similar sized package. I bought it on the web for about $120. Definitely a 10 on the good gear scale.

Thermarest Sit Pad: While recently at REI, I made one of those instant purchases after seeing this thing. It’s made of Therarest’s Prolite 4 material into a sit pad, it weights 4-1/2 ounces, blows up with just one breath, and compacts to a very small package. My original idea was to use it as a supplement cushion for air travel, but I thought I’d try it in Emigrant. How do you spell comfort? It’s orders of magnitude better than your typical foam pad. What’s more, I used it as a foot-rest supplement to my short Prolite 4 sleeping pad, I got to inflate the sleeping pad to one level and the foot-rest to another. Very nice.

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Pinecrest A good convenient place to eat in Pinecrest is the Steam Donkey. Their fare is burgers and such, they have outdoor seating, and are located a very short distance from the Ranger’s Station. There is also a pay shower in this shopping center if you so desire. To get there follow Pinecrest Road east from the Ranger Station for 8/10 mile. Throughout some of the Sierras, there is a family owned chain of authentic Mexican food called Cocina Michoacana. Although my favorite is the one in Groveland, there is also one in Oakdale. It is located in the shopping center (1449 East F St.) next to Rite-Aid near the ARCO station. There is also one in Sonora at 13955 Mono Way, south side of the street and just east of the Burger King - but I prefer the Oakdale location. Oakdale

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