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CCGs, Standards and Benchmarks

Objectives and Procedures

Modifications and Assessment

Required Materials and Preparation

Resources: Handouts, web sites and other helpful teacher materials


Review US geography and sharpen map skills. Understand reasons that led to western migration. Creative problem solving, group participation, and teamwork. Utilize of planning and organizational skills. Understand the impact of Westward Migration on different cultural groups: dominant, immigrant, and Native American. Student goals and activities include: To successfully play The Trail Game --move group pioneer family along a western route by completing class assignments. (Group goal) To arrive safely (alive!) at one of 3 western destinations. (Group Goal) To document the journey by creating a trip scrapbook. (Group Goal) To research and present a brief news article about an assigned historical topic. (Individual goal) To complete a Unit Study Guide and use it to succeed on the end of unit open note quiz. (Individual goal)


Daily Class Format Warm up: (5-7 minutes) Begin each class with a multiple choice question that either reviews information from the day before or leads into the topic for the current day. Using the TV as a computer monitor works well: It is easy to individualize questions according to different groups' needs as well as quickly generate short review quizzes from the question bank. Additionally, the screen saver can be set (3 or 4 minutes works well) to encourage students to begin work quickly. Ask students to write a complete sentence that includes the question's main facts; warm up sentences become part of students' notes for the final open note quiz. Clarify and discuss the correct answer before proceeding. Instructional Lesson: (15-20 minutes) This takes a variety of forms, depending on content. Some lessons are lecture with structured note-taking, some use

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