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reading handouts and question response jigsaw, some use student presentation with teacher modeled 5 W's note-taking on the whiteboard, some use teacher read-alouds with discussion. Student Activities: (15-25 minutes) Week 1-2 activities include an individual US map for geography review, a wall-sized class map to generate interest and create a backdrop for the Trail Game, written descriptions of geographic features, a chronology of the Lewis & Clark voyage, a vocabulary crossword, mapping Lewis & Clark's route, and a map quiz. Week 3 activities include emigrant journal readings, a Why go west? investigation, design of pioneer groups, assembly of wagon supplies to begin the Trail game and explanation / assignment of 5 W's research topics with an introduction to the note-taking guide. Week 4-5 continue week 3 activities, with students alternating trail game simulation roles, either fate chooser / answerer, fate recorder / narrative writer, or scrapbook assembler. Student presentations of 5W's topics continue, 1 or 2 per day as time permits. Procedure Week 1-2 Hook: Students create a wall-sized (~8x15 foot) base map. This can be done either in washable markers directly on the classroom wall or on a huge piece of paper. The direct wall method: On the first day, have an entire wall stripped bare. Have students walk in to find a stepladder and the beginning of an outline map of the US, circa 1800, drawn on the wall. The alternative if a bare wall is not available or if the idea of a Lewis and Clark style collage using natural materials to represent different geographic areas appeals to you, is a giant patchwork quilt using pieced paper grocery bags and 2 inch tape seams. This requires patience, a glue gun, and tolerance for mess, but is pretty cool. (see pictures folder.) Students individually create The Map Project (see pictures and directions for Map Project) which both reviews US geography and topography and explores the similarities and differences between 8 geographic regions and the Native American groups that inhabited them. A standard 8th grade text and library books imported to the classroom provide information for maps and Native American characteristics. (Use Map handouts and Lewis & Clark readings created from Scholastic's The Journey of Lewis and Clark) Assessment includes map quiz (open note using student-created map), map project, and Lewis & Clark crossword puzzles to review vocabulary and facts.

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