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map), map project (see scoring guide), and Lewis & Clark crossword puzzles to review vocabulary and facts. Weeks 3-5: Assessment includes 5W's papers and presentations (see scoring rubrics), group or individual narrative scrapbooks, and a final, open-note quiz.

Academic Standards/Skills to Support the CCGs:

U.S. History 1. Understand and interpret events, issues, and developments within and across eras of U.S. history. 2. Understand the effects of 19th century westward migration, the idea of Manifest Destiny, European immigration, and rural to urban migration on indigenous Populations and newcomers in the United States. 3. Understand the effects of the opening of the West on Native American tribes. 4. Understand the effect of territorial expansion on other nations and their people. Geography 1. Read, interpret, and understand how to construct geographic representations to analyze information, understand spatial relationships, and compare places. 2. Use maps and other geographic tools and technologies to acquire, process, and report information from a special perspective. Locate places and understand and use geographic information or relationships by reading, interpreting, and preparing maps, and other geographic representations. Social Science Analysis 1. Explain various perspectives on an event or issue and the reasoning behind them. 2. Understand an event, issue, problem, or phenomenon from multiple perspectives.

Benchmarks (Does not apply to all lessons.):

8th Grade Oregon State Benchmark 3

Web Sites and Other Technology:

Websites: http://www.tesd.k12.pa.us/new_eagle/staffpgs/Walt%20T/WEB_QUESTS/westward_expansion.htm This webquest explores different trails west and offers students the opportunity to choose and investigate different routes and identities. http://www.radford.edu/~sbisset/westward.html This site features a webquest with questions and informational websites that efficiently offer rich background information.

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