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and Clark expedition, and p. 57 has text from Jefferson's instructions to Lewis. Heart of the Trail: The Stories of Eight Wagon Train Women; Mary Barmeyer O'Brien, the Globe Pequot Press, ISBN 156044562-9. Used for anecdotal descriptions of events and the hardships of daily life. The Journal of Douglas Allen Deeds: The Donner Party Expedition; Rodman Philbrick, one in the Dear America, My Name is America historical fiction journal series, Scholastic, Inc. ISBN 043921600-1. Used for vivid, kid friendly descriptions of rather gruesome events. Books used as student resources and to create informational handouts for students: The Journey of Lewis and Clark; Scholastic, ISBN Used to create four sequential daily reading handouts during the first week to walk students through the expedition as they create US maps. Stories of Young Pioneers: In Their Own Words; Violet T. Kimball, Mountain Press Publishing Company, Inc., ISBN 087842423-7. Pioneer profiles used as a springboard in the creation of emigrant group narrative. The Lost Wagon Train, Edward Gray, Lane Historical Museum, Eugene, OR. This pamphlet offers high-interest background of particular interest to Oakridge students, since it tells the story of a trail and party literally in their own backyard. This provides a tie-in to local history resources, including the museum and the group that is pursuing locating and mapping the lost trail. Call To Freedom; Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2000. Standard 8th grade Social Studies text. Cover to Cover: Creative Techniques for Making Beautiful Books, Journals, & Albums; Shereen LaPlantz, Lark Books, 2000. ISBN#093727487-9. Excellent step-by-step descriptions, with materials lists and illustrations, for numerous appropriate formats. I used the pamphlet stitched covered journal, whose description begins on page 20. The American Frontier; Milliken Publishing company, 2002, ISBN. Teacher resource book with well-written, single-page focus readings appropriate for middle school readers. Focus on US History, The Era of Expansion & Reform; Kathy Sammis, Walch Publisher, 1997. Teacher resource book with useful student background information, handouts, and thoughtful primary document assignments. ental U.S.) should be placed by phone or fax

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