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required for safety and expedient servicing, adjustments and installation. The cabinets shall be structurally adequate and have provisions for hoisting, jacking and forklift handling. Enclosure design shall fully comply with UL 1778 for locked door, unauthorized access protection and UL 924 for accidental or unauthorized unit shutdown.

2.9.1Construction:  Only quality, unused material shall be used to build the unit under strict observance of standards and quality workmanship. The cabinets shall be cleaned, primed and painted matt black. The unit shall be constructed with rigorously tested, burned-in, replaceable subassemblies. Only two electronic subassemblies: Heat Sink Assembly with IGBTs and drivers and Control PCBA shall be used for maximum reliability and simple servicing. All printed circuit assemblies shall have plug connections. Like assemblies and like components shall be interchangeable.  

2.9.2Earthquake Protection:  The cabinet shall be evaluated for earthquake compliance with installation of the addition of optional seismic brackets.  


2.10.1Wiring Installation:  The inverter cabinet conduit entry arrangement shall allow for flexibility of user wiring installation. The wiring shall be routed thru the top or either side of the cabinet.

2.10.2Wiring Termination: The Inverter input and output power connections shall be hard wired within the cabinet. Optional input line cable and output distribution panel shall be available (limited range of units only, please consult factory for details). Input and output terminal blocks shall be provided for easy field wiring of Inverter and battery cabinets

2.10.3Factory Startup:  Provides a factory service representative to perform the initial startup of the Central Lighting Inverter System.

2.10.4Drawings and Manuals:  Drawings and manuals supplied with each unit shall include:

Complete set(s) of shop drawings showing physical dimensions, mounting information and wiring diagrams.

Installation Manual(s) with complete instructions for locating, mounting, interconnection and wiring of the system.

User Manual(s) outlining complete operating and preventive maintenance procedures.

2.10.5Installation:  The Central Lighting Inverter shall be installed in accordance with all appropriate manufacturers’ installation instructions and in compliance with all appropriate codes.

2.10.6Environmental Requirements:

Operating - 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)

Storage - 20°C to +45°C  (- 4°F to 113°F)

The maximum recommended storage temperature for batteries is 77°F (25°C) for up to six months.  Storage at up to 104°F (40°C) is acceptable for a maximum of three months.


Operating and storage humidity must be maintained within 0 to 95% relative humidity; non-condensing. Up to 6000 feet (1,829 meters) Noise: 57 dB typical on “response curve A”

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