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have. City and County have done topographic mapping. There is no reason to duplicate work. Bray is in town every Wednesday. Discussed setting a Planning Committee meeting and agreed on Wednesday, May 19th at 7:00 PM. It was agreed to try to have reports available for the meeting. Duane Smith provided letter with USDA Rural Development grant information. Smith is concerned with farm being included in City assets. Pepin suggested informing Smith about cemetery. Pepin provided funding matrix. Pepin discussed funding. Income survey is complete 56.7% LMI (low to moderate income). Pepin reported the next step is to complete income survey map which must be submitted to DCEO. DCEO will review and inform City if we qualify for future funds. Pepin announced her fee was $2900 for income survey, but she reduced to $2500 due to the community’s good response by mail resulting in less time needed in follow

up. Council thanked Pepin for doing the survey.

Les Guenzler, Maintenance Supervisor submitted written report (copy on file).


Strohecker asked Guenzler to list projects which need to be completed at this time. Guenzler started with storm sewer drains. Storm catch basins at Will Street need dug up and replaced.

Alderman than what suggested

Strohecker explained he just wanted everyone to know

is listed on Guenzler’s report. hiring someone at the last

Mayor is

aware of much


Mayor Stern

there are more projects to do work to be done. Mayor had discussed hiring more help.

Guenzler would like would be expected

someone to be hired for mowing. to do and what wage would be.

Discussion continued on what Motion made by Alderman

new hire Lindsay,

seconded hours per

by Alderman Fehlhafer to week at minimum wage.

hire someone for Discussed when

mowing and chipping new hire would start

brush for up to thirty and minimum wage.

Roll call: Alderman Lindsay-aye, Alderman Fehlhafer-aye, Alderman Strohecker-aye, Macomber-aye, Alderman Kocal-aye and Alderman Weaver-aye. Motion carried.

Alderman Guenzler

thanked Plant of

Council for sending him to conference and announced the Year. Guenzler requested a sign for Plant of the

there Year

was good completion 2009 to be put along

for the

highway. the Year.

All seemed to agree. Motion made by Alderman Chief Magill will get more information on signs

Fehlhafer to from DOT.

put up signs Motion died

for Plant of due to lack

of to

a second. Alderman Lindsay eliminate the barricades. EPA

requested the work be completed at Carroll is coming to inspect the water system.





Mayor Stern reminded everyone of Chief Magill’s request at the last meeting for a credit card. Mayor announced the auditor recommends keeping credit card under lock at city hall. When asked, Guenzler explained how expenses were taken care of at wastewater conference. Registration fees were paid in advance with Council approval. Lodging fees were paid with check which was also Council approved.

General audience – John Huggins reported he will be returning the $100 which the Council donated in order to order new software for Chamber of Commerce. Huggins announced there have been two sesquicentennial meetings so far. Committee is gathering prize money. All were in agreement to allow Huggins to keep the $100 donation and use towards prize money for slogan contest. Huggins discussed sharing equipment with other communities. Chadwick has purchased a skid loader. Motion made by Alderman Macomber, seconded by Alderman Kocal to donate $100 to the logo contest. Roll call: Alderman Macomber-aye, Alderman Kocal-aye, Alderman Strohecker-aye, Alderman Fehlhafer-aye, Alderman Lindsay-aye and Alderman Weaver-aye. Motion carried.

Anthony Malone announced ESI has moved from Elizabeth to Stockton – better centrally located.

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