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Equipment and Technology Review

Allen Gwynnes Pumps – name resurrected

With a design and manufacturing history stretching back 150 years, Allen Gwynnes Pumps, a name long associated with the manufac- ture of large, performance critical pumps, is once again an active force in the market place, operating from its new head office location in Middlesbrough, UK. The company was acquired by NEI during the 1970’s, and then became part of Rolls Royce in the early 1980’s. During this time the name Allen Gwynnes Pumps was no longer in use in the market place.

Due to a reputation of ‘fit and forget’ reliability, it is believed that customers lost contact with the company during this quarter cen-

tury lapse. However, Gwynnes Pumps has

Allen since

become part of the MMC group of companies, and is once again trad- ing under its original name.

Allen Gwynnes Pumps supplies high performance pumps for use in power generation, tunnelling, land drainage and irrigation, quarrying, water and sewage treatment and chemical engineering, together with a wide range of general processing and industrial applications.

For further information contact: Allen Gwynnes Pumps Ltd, Forty-

foot Road, Middlesbrough, TS2 1HG, Tel: +44 (0) 1642 888900, Fax: +44 (0) 1642 888811 , info@allengwynnes.co.uk, Email:

Web: www.allengwynnes.co.uk

RES No. 201

Eickhoff success with Milling Cutters

Founded in Bochum in 1864 Eick- hoff Bergbautechnik is nowadays operating worldwide as a manufac- turer of heavy-duty roadheaders of up to 120t for tunnelling and min- ing. Backed by decades of in-depth practical experience in cutting tech- niques, Eickhoff started to launch



driven milling cutters in the early 90s.

Since 1994 Eickhoff hydraulic milling cutters of the ETH series have been used for a wide variety of applications and achieved widely recognized successes around the globe. The ETH series consists of three different types: ETH 30, ETH 50 and ETH 200; power: 100/150/270kW; weight: 1730/ 2780/7650kg. Possible fields of application include among others profiling and excavating work in tunnelling, milling of trenches down to a width of 70cm (true to profile and without unnecessary over- break), demolition, asphalt cutting and underwater construction down to an underwater depth of 10m.

Combinations of the Eickhoff milling cutter type ETH 30 and of the Liebherr tunnel excavator R 932 Litronic have proved to be extraordinarily successful for tunnel excavation and, more specifically, for cutting the precise tunnel profile after shotcreting. The ETH 50 is mounted on even heavier excava- tors. To date, the high performance potential of Eickhoff milling cutters has been proven in more than 50 tunnel projects worldwide.

Excavator mounted ETH 30 milling cutter from Eickhoff

nel Ferden, Tunnel Gorgier, Tunnel Sévaz, Tunnel Porrentruy, Tunnel Concise, Äscher Tunnel, Lötschberg Basis Tunnel North are all applica- tions which testify to its unique features.

Eickhoff Bergbautechnik GmbH,

PO Box




German ,


Fax: +49- Email: Website: +49-234-975-2010, 234-975-2060, vt@eickhoff-bochum.de www. eickhoff-bochum.de

RES No. 202

Derrick DE-1000™ VFDTM Smart Centrifuge

The Derrick DE-1000TM VFDTM (Variable Frequency Drive) is a new concept in centrifuge operation and control. The centrifuge offers flexi- bility in system control enabling it to handle a wide range of feed slurries. Automatic load sensing and feed pump control enable automated performance optimisa- tion. The bowl assembly can be operated between 0 and 4000RPM, which can result in an internal centrifugal acceleration of more than 3000 G’s. To accommo- date low levels of agitation and rapid solids removal, the conveyer

is capable of differential speeds

from 1 to 100RPM.





mounted on a portable skid that includes a two point effluent dis- charge for easy setup. All rotating assembly components are manu- factured from corrosion resistant 316 grade and high strength stain- less steel alloy materials.

Liquid and solid bowl heads are machined from forgings while the bowl and conveyer hubs are con- structed from centrifugally cast stock. The drive system consists of two explosion-proof inverter duty motors. The first is a 37.3kW motor which is directly connected to the bowl through a 1.4:1 pulley ratio. The second consists of a 7.46kW HP motor which is connected to the conveyer gear-box input pinion shaft.

Each motor is powered by a high performance pulse width modula- tor (PWM) AC drive with insulted gate bipolar transistor (IGBT). Each of the motor drives and other peripheral devices are controlled by an environmentally robust IBM compatible Pentium PC. The PC and all other devices communicate through a high-speed, machine level control network.

PC control offers unlimited oper- ating flexibility while allowing long term data storage so that critical parameters can be logged into his- torical trends. In addition, remote monitoring and control of the cen- trifuge can be accomplished from an adjacent control room or from thousands of miles away. Various configurations are possible and multiple user access over simple telephone lines/LAN enables easy troubleshooting.

For information contact: Derrick


Compan ,


Export Plaza drive, Houston, Texas 77032. Tel: +1 (0) 281 590-3003, Fax: +1 (0) 442 6948, Email: der-

Fascinating archive photograph showing a mammoth Allen Gwynne pump

In Switzerland where the ETH milling cutter series is already well- known for its high efficiency in tunnelling, projects such Cern, Tun-

Derrick DE 1000 Centrifuge

rick@derrickequipment.com www.derrickequipment.com

RES No. 203



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