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Essential Support Customer FAQ

Find the newest product hotfixes, security patches, and updates—some before they are released to the general public—and download them directly from MPO.

Keep up with the most current information about Microsoft products and new security updates by subscribing to our Product Flashes and any combination of e-mail newsletters.

Get tips, training, and best practices for using Microsoft products through support webcasts broadcast over the Internet and participate in question-and-answer sessions. (Webcasts are also archived for your viewing convenience.)

Enter and manage cases online.

What is TechNet?

Microsoft TechNet provides a wealth of knowledge, help, and tools, all at your fingertips—to provide you with the latest information, straight from the source.

A TechNet subscription includes:

Evaluation software

Two complimentary problem resolution support incidents

Unlimited next-business day access to newsgroups

Personal library of articles

Service packs

How-to articles


Monthly updates delivered on CD or DVD

And, TechNet can be upgraded to provide even more resources.

Go to www.microsoft.com/technet/support for additional information.

What do you mean by proactive services?

Proactive services means things that are done in order to avoid potential problems in the future. These proactive services can be push or pull. The push is that Microsoft will contact you with information such as security alerts, patches, and so forth. The pull is that you can contact Microsoft prior to undertaking an activity, such as a deployment, and ask for guidance. Both activities are intended to prevent problems and issues from happening, thus avoiding downtime.

How do I migrate from my existing Incident Support to Essential Problem Resolution Support?

Existing customers will be able to seamlessly migrate to the new program by accepting Terms and Conditions on our Microsoft Volume Licensing Services Web site. Your authorized contact list will be automatically moved to the new benefit. Essential customers will be able to authorize Essential contacts with a simple, one-click process. There will be no need to continue to manage multiple, ever-changing contact lists.

I think I need more reactive support hours. What can I do?

You can purchase two additional add-on packs (for 10 hours each) at any time during the contract year. These additional hours are intended for problem resolution support only.

What if I don’t use all of my support hours?

When you purchase Essential Support, your SA incidents are annualized and then converted to Essential problem resolution support hours. All Essential Support hours (excluding un-converted SA incidents) must be consumed in the contract period. Essential Support hours do not carry over.

I think I need more support than Essential provides. What are my options?

If you require support from Microsoft that goes beyond the benefits provided by Essential support, we invite you to learn more about our Premier Support Family. Premier provides a deeper relationship through a designated support account manager and access to onsite, proactive, and reactive support options. To learn more please visit: http://www.microsoft.com/premier.

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