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Essential Support Customer FAQ

As a Software Assurance Customer, why would I want Essential Support?

By purchasing Essential Support in addition to Software Assurance, you get an enhanced support experience that includes accelerated response times for your Software Assurance problem resolution requests, as well as access to proactive information and quicker access to an experienced technical account professional. With Software Assurance and Essential Support, you have a comprehensive offering to support and maintain your Microsoft technology investment.

Software Assurance

Essential Support1

Benefits of upgrading

Reactive problem resolution

24x7 support (unmanaged)

24x7 support + business hours escalation management2

Maximizes your problem resolution support capability by having someone on the inside watching out for you, and using only the hours you need.

Incident based3

Hourly based4

Proactive services


Microsoft will proactively send technical information relevant to your business. You can seek advice and guidance from Microsoft for issues that have not yet become problems.

Ability to minimize the number of unexpected problems that keep your IT staff from focusing on what’s important.

Information services and case management

Public Knowledge Base

Premium partner-level Knowledge Base (personalized to the customers’ Microsoft investment)

Enhance your ability to start a support incident and track resolution status online. Gain 24x7 online support and access to white papers and best practices that help you stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about Microsoft products.

Online incident submission and tracking via Microsoft Premier Online (MPO)

Microsoft support contact


Shared team of technical account managers assigned to your business

Quicker access to expertise, and someone who will know your company and support history.

1Both SA and Essential Support are a commitment for the duration of the EA Enrollment.

2Technical account managers available to escalate support issues as necessary.

3Customers get as many Problem Resolution hours as they are entitled to as part of their EA, plus the number of hours indicated.

4SA incidents can be converted to Essential hours under the following formula: (# of SA incidents) x (local list price for Essential incident) / (local list price for  Essential hour) = (# of Essential hours). For example, five U.S. SA incidents would equate to: (5) x ($X) / ($Y) = (Z hours)

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