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take a look at what you can do once you are onboard. Try to stay out of enclosed areas until you get a feel for your sea legs. Most charter boats have several chairs in the cockpit so you can sit on the aft deck and relax while maintaining a good view of the horizon. There may be some backdraft of exhaust fumes and you want to be sure to avoid them too. One of the best seats in the house is on the step from the cockpit (fishing area) to the salon (cabin). Of course you don’t want to be in the way but you can scoot to one side or the other. Probably the worst place to go on board is to the head (marine toilet). Go there sparingly and be sure to get back on the open decks as soon as possible.

Now, even if you do all of the above, you may still have some episodes of motion sickness. And if that were to happen, don’t let it ruin your entire day. And try not to worry yourself sick. If you take these preventative steps you shouldn’t have much to worry about. If you are wondering about why I haven’t recommended a motion sickness pill or medicine, there is a good reason for that. First of all, I am not a doctor and secondly I have never really used them myself. Some of my clients have had varying levels of success with over the


counter and prescription medicines but be aware of the side effects which usually include drowsiness. Ask your doctor or others who have more experience at sea, what they recommend.

Even if you do get physically sick, it’s not like being on an airplane. You have the whole ocean to chum in and once you get it off your chest (literally) you will always feel better. Be sure to learn the difference between upwind and downwind and ask the mate which side is the leeward side of the boat. And if you do feel sick, don’t fight it, stay out of the cabin and the head and keep a bucket handy or just hang over the side. You won’t be the first and you won’t be the last and you will generally find the captain and mate to be both helpful and sympathetic….as long as you don’t ralph in the head!

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