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    Women make better anglers than men. Why? Because they are better at listening to instructions. This is something that all the captains agree on. You see, the problem is that it is hard for any man to take orders from another man (or woman for that matter) even if it is the captain.

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    When you hold a fish out of the water for a picture before releasing it, you are not doing the fish any favors. Holding its head out of the water is like holding your head under the water. Don’t do it unless you have to and then make it fast. Also, when you pull a fish aboard you remove the protective slime off its body, which leaves the fish vulnerable to infection. Nothing peeves me more than to see an angler smiling and filming at his leisure while the fish gasps for air. Billfish should never be brought aboard for pictures. It’s both dangerous and unnecessary. A picture alongside the boat is both sufficient and much better for the survival of the released fish.

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    It always amazes me that people will spend more for one rod and reel to catch a fish in the winter than they will for a survival suit that could save their life.

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    I used to think that some of my charters acted wild, crazy and a little nuts when they came to the Outer Banks….until I went to a NASCAR race at Darlington with a group of my charter boat buddies.

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    Did you know that you could captain the biggest boat in the fleet without a license as long as you do not carry people for hire? Go figure!

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    Did you also know that a fathom is six feet and that the port side of the boat is the left side of the boat looking forward? One easy way to remember is that ‘port’ and ‘left’ both have four letters.

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    The best marine toilet ever made is a five-gallon bucket. (It’s also the most reliable bilge pump ever made. I wouldn’t leave the dock without several of them on board.)

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    The favorite ‘at sea’ food of professional captains and mates worldwide is Kentucky Fried Chicken. Their least favorite food is the proverbial ham and cheese sandwich.

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    Pets and small children have no business on an offshore fishing boat.

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    Do you know why bananas are bad luck on a boat? In the early part of last century, bananas were brought to this country from the Bahamas and South America on very old and rickety sailboats and steamers. They were known as Banana Boats and many of them were lost at sea. It was considered bad luck to sail on one of them and to this day, most skippers frown on even the smallest amount of bananas!


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