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different helpdesk teams and practices across different capabilities, leading to increased cost.

End-user provisioning costs cover Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs)

“Moves” for office moves from one location to another

“Adds” to provision new employees arriving on board

“Changes” to handle modifications in the services or functions available to an employee7.   

Such provisioning is often tied to automated processes linked to the organization’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Human Resources (HR) systems.   Provisioning costs can increase in an environment where (as is typical) the different communications capabilities require separate provisioning systems and investments in MAC infrastructure automation.

Finally, maintenance contracts cover hardware maintenance for PBX equipment and gateways, and any other communications hardware in the organization.  For a multi-site organization, separate sites may have maintenance contracts specifically for the hardware at the physical location, representing a significant cost across the entire enterprise.

Of TCO components, Support and Operations is the largest for a communications platform, and is also the largest recurring cost.   Support and Operations therefore provide a significant opportunity to streamline expenses relative to existing communications solutions.  With the approaches enabled by the Microsoft communications platform, organizations can achieve significant reductions in support and operations spend for communications versus existing solutions.  These cost reductions in support and operations can be achieved by pursuing:


Administrative consolidation: With Microsoft’s approach, rather than staffing multiple teams to administer email, telephony, video, audio conferencing, etc., IT can effectively have a single extended team administer all communications infrastructure.   


Helpdesk consolidation: Rather than establishing multiple helpdesk support arrangements (often outsourced to different support teams) across different communications services, IT can have a single Tier 1 Helpdesk support solution across all of its communications services.


MAC cost reduction: Microsoft Communications Server “14,” by leveraging technologies such as Microsoft Active Directory and a standards-based Edge Server, effectively drives down the administrative cost of moves to zero, the cost of adds to near-zero8,

7 Examples include adding video service where not previously present, or upgrading the type of phone for an employee changing job functions

8 For Communications Server, an “add” is accomplished by setting user properties in Active Directory and shipping the user a self-configurable handset device, if needed

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