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and the cost of changes to near-zero.9  This approach represents a significant departure from the traditional operational paradigm for enterprise communications and enables significant cost savings.


Maintenance contracts:   As described above, the hardware footprint required by Microsoft Office Communications Server is a fraction of the server footprint required for alternative solutions10.  Enterprises of this scale typically run several thousand servers – often in a central datacenter - for other enterprise applications, making the additional hardware required for communications services is a trivial incremental investment.  The only additional hardware footprint in such an enterprise consists of load balancers, PSTN gateways and (if used) Survivable Branch Appliances.  This light footprint results in a very substantial reduction in hardware maintenance contract expense for communications solutions across an enterprise.

For large organizations, support and operations costs can decline by as much as 56% by using the Microsoft communications platform.   


A large organization running the Microsoft communications platform can reduce its annualized 3-year TCO by 39%, relative to IP Telephony-based communications solutions.   A typical 5,000 user organizations can see net CapEx and OpEx reduction of over US$ 2MM over three years.  Organizations of all sizes can benefit, however—a typical 50,000 user organization can save US$25MM over three years, and a typical 1,000 user organizations  can see reductions of more US$ 750K over three years.

9 Sometimes, but not always, requiring an update to a user property in Active Directory

10 For example, all communications services for a global enterprise with 50,000 users can be powered by a total of only 12 mid-range Windows Servers running in a single global datacenter, plus 12 additional servers in a shadow datacenter to ensure resiliency.

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