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Figure 2: Three year TCO of IP-PBX based solution vs. Communications Server “14” based solution

As discussed above, Microsoft’s solution accomplishes savings through consolidation of communications assets – including infrastructure, physical, and operational consolidation.  Infrastructure consolidation allows organizations to deploy a smaller server and infrastructure footprint to deliver most communications capabilities, including Voice, Audio/Video/Web Conferencing, and IM/Presence.  Physical consolidation is enabled by Microsoft’s very high scale, which allows even the largest global organizations to service all of their communications needs through 2 or 3 pools maintained at geographically distributed datacenters.  Operations consolidation is facilitated by the ability for the enterprise to now share operations teams & skill sets across all communications capabilities.

In addition, Microsoft’s approach has created a multi-player vendor ecosystem for telephone handsets and devices that can connect with Communications Server, facilitating not only reduced cost for a significant TCO component, but also more rapid innovation in end user devices.  

Microsoft’s approach fundamentally transforms the cost economics of communications from proprietary, siloed, high cost environments to an open, consolidated, easy-to-administer, and lower cost environment that delivers more capabilities and value while reducing communications costs.

Next Steps

While the analysis presented above is broad and covers “expected” scenarios, every enterprise has a different starting point for business requirements, current communications infrastructure, and desired goals for infrastructure consolidation.   If you are interested in a detailed analysis of how your specific enterprise communications environment could benefit from potentially significant TCO reduction, please contact your Microsoft account team for a customized analysis and set of recommendations.

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