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  • 9.

    When Sammy sees Mommy roll the thick ball of dough into a thin circle for a pie crust he says, “Now there is more dough, because it's bigger.” His sister, Sara, tells Sammy “No, it's the same amount because Mommy could just roll it back again and it would look the same.” According to Piaget's terminology, Sammy's thinking shows ________ and Sara has ________.

  • 10.

    According to Erikson, our life task during adolescence (and emerging adulthood) is...?

11. Dr. Mathew, an educational psychologist, is speaking to teachers about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Read and study the discussion of the erosion of intrinsic motivation. Prepare to apply your understanding.

  • 12.

    If Sara is an emerging adult, predict her most likely nest-leaving pattern, statistically speaking.

  • 13.

    Marsha has a new pimple on her chin, and Frank, a boy she finds very attractive, sits down beside her in the cafeteria. Marsha is mortified and tells her mother that she must transfer to another school because she cannot go back to class the next day. Elkind would label Marsha's assumption that Frank noticed her pimple and her reaction as evidence of...?

  • 14.

    Identify the ways to make college more of a "flow experience". Prepare to apply your understanding.

  • 15.

    Identify each type of preoperational thought in sequence (1) thinks Daddy made the moon; (2) believes his stuffed bear

is alive; (3) thinks his sister turned into a boy when she got a haircut yesterday.

  • 16.

    “A child’s personality shapes parenting.” “Children model their peer group in preference to what they learn at home.” “Having firm rules and being loving produces a successful child.” Link the correct theorist/perspective to each point of view (list in order).

  • 17.

    Read and study the discussion of teenage male body image issues. Prepare to apply your understanding to a scenario.

  • 18.

    Your 3-year-old son is unusually good at climbing, jumping, and catching a ball. As a parent, you should...?

  • 19.

    Read and study the discussion of unequal at the starting gate. Prepare to apply your understanding to a scenario.

  • 20.

    Read and study the discussion of adult attachment styles. Prepare to apply your understanding to a scenario.

  • 21.

    Read and study the discussion of the information-processing approach. Prepare to apply your understanding of this

approach to a scenario.

  • 22.

    Identify the functions (purposes for) childhood friendships. Prepare to apply your understanding to a scenario.

  • 23.

    You were an early maturer, but never got into trouble as a teenso you really can't relate to the textbook discussion of

this topic as it related to puberty. Identify the reasons why.

  • 24.

    Parent-teen conflict tends to reach its peak...?

  • 25.

    Compared to menarche, spermache...? (Read and understanding the discussion of the first ejaculation.)

  • 26.

    Joe tells you, “I want to be free to play the field. Commitment isn't for me.” Josephine says, “When I'm in a relationship,

I expect my partner to be available 24/7 only to me.” What are Joe and Josephine's respective attachment styles?

  • 27.

    Shane interprets offhand remarks in the most negative way possible. When a classmate asks him, “How was your trip to Disney World?”, his response is, “None of your business!” Shane is showing...?

  • 28.

    “A boy thinks that everyone is constantly watching him and commenting on his behavior.” “A girl takes incredible risks because she thinks 'I could never die.'” What are the terms for these facets of adolescent egocentrism? (List in order.)

  • 29.

    Joanne is comparing menstruation reactions today to reactions in the past. What change should she describe?

  • 30.

    Read and study the discussion of a core development: personality growth. Prepare to apply your understanding to a


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