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  • 31.

    Read and study the discussion of Csikszentmihalyi and Schneider's player/worker research. Prepare to apply your understanding to a scenario.

  • 32.

    Carla is having trouble deciding on a career because she has so many interests; Carol is going to be a nurse because her family told her that was best; Cora doesn't have any interests and is frightened by the whole idea of being an adult. What is the identity status category for these emerging adults (Carla, Carol, and Cora)? (List in order.)

33. Joey is 14 years old. Based on the text, he is MOST at risk of getting into trouble when he is...?

34. Linda and Annie are swimming towards a raft when Linda pushes Annie's head underwater to get there first. After Annie comes up for air, she says, “Go find yourself another best friend!” Linda is showing ________ aggression. Annie

i s s h o w i n g _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a g g r e s s i o n .

35. African American parents and parents in collectivist cultures may be more likely to adopt an than upper-middle-class European Americans.

________ parenting style

  • 36.

    Your 14-year-old cousin gets together in a large, mixed-gender group of boys and girls. If she follows the traditional progression to romance, the next stage is...?

  • 37.

    Dale wants a chocolate cupcake so he shoves Tom aside. Tom reacts by punching Dale in the head. For each boy, label the type of aggression and then name the child who will be MOST angry.

38. Read and study the discussion of homosexual stereotypes and scientific facts. Prepare to apply your understanding to a scenario.

  • 39.

    Read and study the discussion of toward a broader view of intelligence. Prepare to apply your understanding to a scenario (what do you think Sternberg and Gardner would agree on?).

  • 40.

    Dr. Scherman is a psychologist specializing in divorce's impact on children. Read and study the discussion of divorce. Prepare to apply your understanding to this scenario.

41. Helene tells you that, in the nineteenth century, girls first menstruated at an average age of 16. Now some girls are reaching menarche as early as age 9. Helene is referring to...?

  • 42.

    What is the main goal of anti-bullying programs?

  • 43.

    Dr. Godwin is giving a lecture about family income and school achievement. Read and study the discussion of unequal

at the starting gate. Prepare to apply your understanding to a scenario.

  • 44.

    Dino says, “I plan to get all the sexual experience I can before I get married, but I want my fiancée to be a virgin.” The label for what Dino is expressing is...?

  • 45.

    Mom confides to Ingrid, age 12, and Molly, age 5, that she is planning a surprise for Grandma's birthday, and swears them both to secrecy. What is the MOST likely outcome?

46. Mary Ann and Catie are playing house. Catie, the Mommy, is calling the doctor because Mary Ann, the baby, is sick. What type of play are the girls engaging in and what is the approximate age of these children?

  • 47.

    What body part starts to change first, when a boy reaches puberty?

  • 48.

    You are taking this test, and it's so easy to look at the answers of the person sitting next to you. What is your reasoning

if you are at Kohlberg's conventional stage of moral development?

  • 49.

    Read and study the discussion of a core ability: enjoying work. Prepare to apply your understanding to a scenario.

  • 50.

    Name these three types of concrete operational skills in order: (1) putting objects in order by their size; (2) understanding that if you just change the shape of a substance you still have the same amount; (3) realizing that candy is the name for both Skittles and Gummy Bears.

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