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the SSEB’s decision, the contracting officer notified the two contractors in writing of their exclusion from the competitive range, in accordance with FAR Subpart 15.503, “Notifications to Unsuccessful Offerors.” The SSEB determined that the remaining six proposals were technically acceptable and evaluated the proposals further on the factors of Past Performance, Specialized Past Experience, Iraqi Socio-Economic Program Support, and Price. The SSEB report stated that the competitive procurement established the basis for price reasonableness. In accordance with FAR 15.305(a)(1), the Source Selection Decision Document documented the results of a comprehensive price analysis performed on September 15, 2008.

The Government entered into discussions with the six contractors in the competitive range on September 11, 2008. Subsequently, the contracting officer sent out Items For Negotiation, and on September 13, 2008, the contracting officer requested final proposal revisions from the six contractors. The SSEB removed two contractors from the competition after both contractors were unable to secure an active Secret Facilities Clearance (one contractor also had excessive pricing). In accordance with FAR Subpart 15.303, “Responsibilities,” the contracting officer notified the two contractors, in writing, of their exclusion from award, within three days of contract award. The SSEB recommended award to four contractors. The Source Selection Authority agreed with the SSEB’s recommendations and made the decision to award contracts to Leonie Industries LLC; SOS International, Ltd.; Lincoln Group; and L-3 Services, Inc. (MPRI). The Source Selection Authority’s rationale and decision for the source selection for solicitation W91GDW-08-R-0006 was documented in the Source Selection Decision Document in accordance with FAR Subpart 15.308, “Source Selection Decision.”

Contract Award

On September 23, 2008, JCC-I/A awarded four IDIQ contracts to Leonie Industries LLC (W91GDW-08-D-4013); SOS International, Ltd. (W91GDW-08-D-4014); Lincoln Group (W91GDW-08-D-4015); and L-3 Services, Inc. (MPRI) (W91GDW-08-D-4016) to provide a full range of media services to MNF-I. The four contracts were awarded in accordance with FAR Subparts 12.203; 12.204; 15.504, “Award to Successful Offerors”; 15.204, “Contract Format”; 15.204-1, “Uniform Contract Format”; and 16.504, “Indefinite-Quantity Contracts.”

The four IDIQ contracts with fixed-price task orders had a period of performance of 12 months from the date of award, with two 12-month option periods. Each contract has a guaranteed minimum value of $250,000 and a maximum value of $300,000,000. Each task order has a minimum value of $125,000 and a maximum value of $100,000,000. The maximum amount of $300,000,000 represents the combined totals of base and option years for the four awarded IDIQ contracts.


The contracts were modified twice shortly after award. The first modification, dated September 28, 2008, corrected the fund cite on the contracts. The second modification,


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