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DODIIG DRAFT REPORT - DATED May 19, 2009 Pr oject No. D2009-DOOOlA--OI108..000 " Jnform at ion Oper at ions Contracts in Iraq"


RECO MM ENDATION l.a. (page 7.. DO DIG Dra tt)

DODIG recommends that the Commander, 'v1LL1iti-National Force-Iraq (MNF--II) award task orders under these contracts t o meet the contract minimum values,. then allow the cont racts to expire.

USCENTCOM RESPONSE:: USCENTCOM concu rs with alllowing MNF-I to award tas k orders under the contract. However, if DODIG determiines that task orders can be written on this contract iin any manner, then it stands to reason that the contract can move forward as

originally Intended.. If the

internal control weakness in the oversiight" of the

contract stems from language that does "not clearl y distinguish between PA and PSYOP", it has no beariing on the task orders that would be written agaInst the contract. Provided task orders are written with sensitivity to verbiiage, USCENTCOM sees no reason why MNF -I can not utilize the contract in its intended capacity. Moreover, USCENTCOM believes that the scope of the effort would satisfy PSYOP requirements and user needs. The scope of the contract enables units to draft ta sk orders with more speCific requirements that, when managed by an appointed Contracting Officer''s Representative (COR) with a comprehensive C l i c k t o a d d J P E G f i l e i . M E N - a f Q u a l i t y A s s u r a n c e S u r v e i l l a n c e P l a n ( Q A S P ) , s h o u l d f u l f i l l t h e u s e r n e e d s . R E C O M M E N O A n O N l . b . ( p a g e 7 . D O D I G D r a f t )

DODIG recommends that the Commander, Multii-National Force-I raq determine how ongoing reqUirements for Psychological Operations will be procured in the future .

USCENTCOM RESPONSE: USCENTCOM concurs with the need to determine reqUiirements and acquisition procedures for PSYOP activities, and concurs with using the program management approach identified In MNC-I's memo. MNF-I,, in collaboration with USCENTCOM 10, will manage thiis program under OPERATION Earnest Voice (OEV). The

mission of OEV is to inform, persuade, and influence international and regional audience perceptions, attiitudes, and actiions t o achiieve USUSCENTcor-1 strategic objectives .

that the Commander,


C o m m a n d -· I r a q / A f g h a n i s t a n

(JCC I/A) appoiint a COR and prepare a QASP, if the contracts are used to issue task orders.

USCENTCOM RESPONSE: USCENTCOM concu rs with the recommendatiion having a COR prepare a QASP. Siince JCC J/A has not issued any task orders on th is contract to date,

there has not been a need to apPOint a COR or prepare a QASP. Should MNF-I issue tas k orders under current co ntract t o cove r the miinimum valu es, th ey must appOiint a COR an d prepare a QASP..

RECO MME NDATION 2 .b.. (page 7. DODIG Draft)

DODIG recommends that the Comman der, Joint Contracting Command-·Iraq/Afghanistan Impllement procedures to ensure a review is conducted of proposed procurements of Psychological Operations by the MNF·I Informatiion Operations Cell.


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