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Joint Contracting Command-Iraq/Afghanistan Comments

DODIG DRAFT REPORT - DATED May 19, 2009 Project No. D2009-DOOOJA-Ol08.000

"Information Operations Contracts in Iraq"


RECOMM ENDATION 2 .a . (page 7. OOOIG Draft)

DODIG recommends that the Commander, Joint Contra cting Com mand-Iraq/Afghanistan appoint a Contracting Officer's Representative and prepare 3 Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan, iF the contracts are used to issue task orders.

lee ItA RESPONSE: Jee I/A concurs wilh this recommendation and if any task orders are issued under t hese cont racts a COR wil l be assigned elnd eI QASP impl emented. It was the command's intent all along to appoint a COR and <l QASP for individual task orders as each is a uni que requ irement. This is the sta nd ard procedure for ID/IQ contracts with differing customers and reqUi rements.

RECOMME NDATION 2.b. (page 7. DODIG Draf t) DODIG recommends that the Commander, Joint Contracting Command -Iraq/Afghan ist an implement proced ures to ensure a review is con ducted of proposed procurements of Psychological operations by the Multi-Nationa l Force-Iraq Information Operations Cell.

l e c VA RESPONSE: JCC IIA concur s with the need for implementation of procedures for C l i c k t o a d d J P E G f i l e c e n t r a l i z e d o v e r s i g h t l i n d m l l n a g e m e n t o f I n f o r m a t i o n O p e r a t i o n c o n t r a c t r e q u i r e m e n t s . H o w e v e r , i t w o u l d b e i n a p p r o p r i a t e f o r J C C - I / A t o p e r f o r m t h i s f u n c t i o n i n t h a t i t w o u l d r e s u l t i n

JCC-I/ A poliCing, as well as defining contract requirements for MNF-I. This function should be performed by appropriate perso nnel within the requiring activity.


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    (U) Page i. The summarl of the report says t hat " The contract language did not dearly differentiate between Psycholog ical Operations and Public Affairs." It should be understood that t he Statement of Work covered the whole spectrum of media services under an ID/lQ arrangement, no work would be ordered for t he entire statement of work against the basic contract. Rather, individual task ord ers would be placed for specific requirements, ( Le. pub lic affairs or psychological operations), but n ot both together. Task orders are considered stand alone contracts and there never was an intent t o include public affairs and psychological operations un der one task orde r.

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    (U ) Page i. The summary of the report also says " materia! internal control weakness exists in the oversight of the contract...because JCC· I/A did not appoint a COR or prepare a QASP." JCC-I/ A does not agree with th at assessment because no task orders we re ever issued under this contra ct. If a task order were to be issued a COR would be aSSigned and a QASP developed and implemented. As noted in recommendation 2a, It was the command's Intent all along to <lppoi nt a COR and a QASP for individul!Il task orders as each is a unique requ irement . This Is the standard procedure for ID/IQ contracts with differing customers OJ nd requirements.




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