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DISTRICT SIX Clinton County

The District 6 Clinton County Unit meeting was held September 11 at Faith Lutheran Church in Calamus, IA. There were 27 members and 2 guests present.

President Elaina Lomsdalen reported she will be attending the 2010 Annual Meeting in Council Bluffs, October 6 and 7 and invited anyone interested to ac- company her. The program for the day was presented by Lisa (Kinney) Fox, a breast cancer survivor. Her mother accompa- nied her to the meeting. The humorous and touching message of her life experiences included her childhood growing up in a family with 10 sisters and 4 brothers. She told of the trauma of the diagnosis and telling her four sons and her kindergarten students that she was ill and would not be at school for a time. She claimed ner- vousness about giving her talk in front of former teach- ers and friends but encouraged all to be aware of their own bodies and to be proactive in their own health care. Lisa will also be speaking at the upcoming "Living Proof: Breast Cancer Survivor Art" opening in Davenport.

Door prizes were won by Ed McMahon, Lois Dieckman, Shirley Mullin, Myrna Hass, Beulah Gade, and Bernetta Ruchozke. The next meeting will be held Octo- ber 9 at the DeWitt Lutheran Fellowship church.

Elaina Lomsdalen, Clinton County Unit President

Lisa Fox and the Reading Rabbit she uses in her classroom

DISTRICT SIX Johnson County Retired School Personnel Association

The Johnson County Unit held it first meeting of the year on September 22 at the Coralville Public Library. New directories/program books were handed out.

The morning began with refreshments and cama- raderie at 9:00 AM.

President Cathy Schiele called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM. Larry Knipfer led the group in singing God Bless America.

After the short business meeting, a former Iowa City Community School District teache , Steve Merkel- hess spoke with us about his year teaching in Egypt and told us about their educational system and the coun- try’s dictatorship government.

The October meeting was held on October 27 be- ginning again with refreshments and camaraderie fol- lowed by the business meeting with a report on the Annual Meeting in Council Bluffs. The Johnson County group was well represented at the Annual Meeting by the current president, president elect and his wife, the secretary, and the treasurer and her husband.

Thanks you letters from the two scholarship win- ners were read.

The program for the meeting was presented by Mike Chapman, author of ”Iowa History Journal.” The program was entitled Iowa History Comes Alive. He had several copies of the magazine and was very knowl- edgeable about Iowa’s history.

Dawn C. Rogers JCRSPA Secretary

2011 Fast Approaches! IRSPA Wishes Everyone A...


Volunteers had a busy, productive 2009-2010 year doing all the things volunteers can find to do. The mid-term elections are now over and I can well imagine the number of unpaid hours some of you spent doing political things. Count the unpaid hours spent doing non-partison participation projects.These kinds of things are usually a trigger for elevated emotions, pro and con.What a privilege it is to have the right to participate in this sometimes helter-skelter process.

Following the annual meeting in Council Bluffs in October, 2010, each unit president received a report on all the Support- ive Services hours and activities.This report is intended to be shared with unit members during their regular meetings.Develop a system for collecting volunteer hours.Though you can count those volunteer hours, and they will be given a value for next year's IRSPA report, do not expect those hours to influence the Federal dollars coming back into your area. Give all your hard workers a lot of acclamation and support.Be assured their efforts will help improve the program involved.Stay in touch with the legislators and congressmen representing you.Do not hesitate to use the information on what your unit is doing to influence their thinking. Be assured they are paying attention. Use the information from these volunteers to measure your unit goals and objectives.

A big thank you to all the volunteers,unit members,office holders,and supporters of IRSPA.A great organization with great perks available, deserves great appreciation from each and everyone of you. Keep up the good work.

You can contact me through the following information. Margaret Schluter, 20 Pebble Creek Ct, Mason City, IA 50401.Tele- pone 641-423-3725, e-mail at vermar1931@hotmail.com. Enjoy the coming holiday season and all the fun activities in which you

will be getting involved.

Margaret Schluter Supportive Service

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