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(4)Historical resource survey.  Historical resources which have recordation forms already on file in the inventory with the South Coastal Information Center will not require additional DPR forms unless the Historic Site Board requests re-evaluation or re-survey.  A cover letter shall provide an overview of survey methodology to verify that the survey meets the standards discussed in Section V(e), above and adequate mapping showing all areas surveyed.

(5)Historical resources and historic districts designated or listed as a County landmark, historical resources or districts pursuant to County ordinance, and local landmarks and other resources designated under County ordinances.  DPR Form 523 shall be submitted for all local landmarks or locally designated historical resources that have not previously been documented or do not have approved recordation forms on file with the South Coastal Information Center.  Additionally, a cover letter and Application for the Nomination to the Local Register of Historical Resources shall be submitted.

VII.Application Procedures

(a)Submitting the application.  Historical resources may be nominated by any individual or group including, but not limited to, members of the general public, private organizations, or local government (County of San Diego) with control authority over the designated historical resource.

(b)If the applicant is not the owner of the resource being nominated, within thirty (30)

(c)The application shall be submitted to the San Diego County Historic Site Board at the Department of Planning and Land Use, 5201 Ruffin Road, Suite B, San Diego, CA  92123-1666

VIII.Historic Site Board Public Hearing of a Nomination

After technical review by staff and the Historic Site Board, the nomination will be scheduled for a hearing by the Historic Site Board.  Prior to the Public Hearing, a Staff Report will be prepared and transmitted to the members of the Historic Site Board.  The Staff Report will include the complete application materials, findings necessary to support the determination of significance, and any other materials determined necessary to properly evaluate the historical resource for listing.  The Historic Site Board will only consider comments that relate to the criteria for listing a resource in the Local Register.

(a)Public notification.  At least ten (10) days before the hearing to consider the nomination for listing, the Historic Site Board shall do all of the following:

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