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(1)Notify all affected historical resource owners that their resource has been nominated for listing; the time and place set for the hearing; and that the Historic Site Board will consider public comments related to whether the resource meets the criteria for listing in the Local Register as well as any objections of the owner(s).

(2)Notify the interested local agencies or groups of the time and place set for the hearing and the opportunity for public comments in support of or opposition to the proposed listing.

(3)Notify the general public by means of the Historic Site Board hearing notices of the scheduled hearing date and the opportunity to comment on the nomination.

(4)In the case of an historic district, nominated either individually or as part of a survey, the Historic Site Board must make a reasonable effort to obtain the identities and addresses of all owners of resources within the proposed district.  The Historic Site Board must provide notice of the hearing and opportunity to comment or object to all identified owners whether or not their properties were nominated as contributing resources.

(5)Site visits shall be made in accordance with the Historic Site Board’s adopted policies and procedures.

(b)Support of or objections to the nomination.  The Historic Site Board shall consider public comments when determining whether to recommend the listing of an historical resource to the Local Register.  Any person or organization, including the following, may submit supporting or opposing comments to the Historic Site Board before the hearing.

(1)Resource owners.  Private resource owners must submit a letter to the Historic Site Board stating that they are the sole or partial owners, and that they agree to the listing of the resource on the Local Register.  If a private resource owner does not submit the letter of agreement, the absence of a reply will be interpreted as non-consent to the listing of the resource.  The resource may be formally determined eligible for listing, but will not be listed until a letter of agreement is received from the resource owner.

(A)Each owner or partial owner of a privately owned individual historical resource has one vote regardless of what percentage of the resource such person owns.  Within a district, each owner has one vote regardless of how many buildings, or what percentage of the area of the proposed district, such person owns.

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