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Unless specifically defined below, words or phrases used shall be interpreted so as to give them the meaning they have in common usage.

Alteration means an addition, relocation, demolition or any change affecting the exterior visual qualities of an historical resource including but not limited to architectural features, visual characteristics, design and materials, excluding routine maintenance.

Contributing Resource means an Historical Resource that significantly contributes to the historical nature of an Historic District and satisfies the criteria of an Historical Resource in Section V of this document.

Demolition means any act that destroys in whole or in part an Historical Resource.

Historic District means a contiguous geographic area containing a multiple number of Historical Resources that collectively have a special character or special historical, cultural, architectural, archaeological, community or aesthetic value.

Historical Resource means an object, building, structure, site, landmark, area or place that is significant in terms of architectural, engineering, scientific, economic, agricultural, educational, social, political, archaeological, military or cultural history.

Non-Contributing Resource means a resource within an Historic District that does not possess the qualifications or characteristics of a Contributing Resource, but which has been included within the Historic District because of its geographic location within the Historic District.

IV.Historical Resources Eligible for Listing in the San Diego County Local Register of Historical Resources

The Local Register consists of historical resources that are: (a) listed automatically; and (b) nominated by an application and listed after a public hearing process.

(a)Historical resources to be listed automatically in the Local Register include the following:

(1)Historical resources listed on the National Register of Historic Places or California Register of Historical Resources.  Normally, sites that are determined as eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places or California Register of Historical Resources or sites previously designated as Historic/Archaeological Landmarks or Districts through the application of the “H” or “J” special area designator are eligible for listing in the Local Register.

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