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and addresses on mailing labels, as well as any information necessary to establish whether a proposed resource or district has more than one owner.  A boundary map and a list of all resource owners within the proposed district boundaries shall be included for each district.  The list shall indicate whether the property or each owner is contributing or non-contributing to the significance of the district.  Resources will not be considered for listing in the Local Register over the owner’s objection, or in the case of a district, a majority of resource owners, but will be “formally determined eligible for listing.”

(7)Optionally, a chain of title shall be included for the nominated resource.  This will provide historic documentation regarding past owners of the nominated resource.  The requirement of this information will be made by the Historic Site Board on a case-by-case basis.

(8)A letter from the resource owner agreeing to the listing of the resource on the Local Register is required.

(b)Specific Requirements for Different Types of Historical Resources:

(1)Individual nominated resources (i.e. building, site, structure, or object).  An Application for Historical Site Designation and a single completed DPR Form 523 shall be submitted for each historical resource that is individually nominated.

(2)Historic districts.  In the case of an historic district, the applicant shall complete one master form for the district as a whole, with an abbreviated form for each contributing resource.  A list of noncontributing resources is required and must be provided in the cover letter.  Owner information for each resource must be provided in the cover letter.  Photos of contributing historical resources and/or streetscapes shall be included.  Black and white and color photographs of each contributing historical resource and representative streetscape are required.

(3)Archaeological resources.  Archaeological resources will be considered for nomination only after having been assigned a Site Primary Number (P Number) by the South Coastal Information Center.  The Historic Site Board may require additional documentation to more accurately identify and define the site.  An Application for Historical Site Designation and the appropriate DPR Form 523 must be accompanied by a statement of significance or research design that explains why the resource qualifies for listing in the Local Register.

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