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Domestic Like Product

Petitioner advocates defining the domestic like product as coextensive with the scope of these investigations,23 and no respondent has argued that it should be defined differently. We define the domestic like product as coextensive with the scope of these investigations, for the following reasons.

Physical Characteristics and Uses. There are five basic forms of graphic paper. These are (in descending order of quality): (i) CFSP, (ii) uncoated freesheet paper, (iii) coated groundwood paper, (iv) uncoated groundwood paper, and (v) newsprint.24 The key physical characteristics of CFSP, as compared to other forms of graphic paper, are, first, the limitation on the amount of mechanical pulp used to make the paper, and, second, the coating of the paper. The mechanical pulp content in CFSP is limited because significant mechanical pulp content causes paper to discolor with age.25 The coating on CFSP gives it a better printing surface – in terms of brightness, smoothness, and gloss – than uncoated paper.26 The coating on CFSP generally consists of kaolin clay, but may also include other substances.27 CFSP is used principally in the printing of corporate annual reports, high-end catalogues, and magazines and in other “prestige” applications.28

CFSP is sold in two basic forms: in web rolls that are used in web-fed presses, and in sheets or sheeter rolls (referred to collectively as “sheet”) that are used in sheet-fed presses. Web-fed presses tend to be used for larger commercial printing runs, while sheet-fed presses tend to be used for smaller, higher- quality printing jobs.29 There appear to be some differences in physical characteristics between CFSP in web rolls and sheets, in that web rolls have a higher moisture content and different coating formulations

to withstand the heat-set web printing process.30 web-roll form of the product.31

CFSP in sheet form commands a price premium over the

Interchangeability. Because of their unique printing characteristics, the various types of graphic paper, including CFSP, are reportedly rarely substituted for each other.32 CFSP is rarely used in traditional coated groundwood paper applications where weight (and therefore postage cost) is important, because it is heavier than groundwood paper; and CFSP is preferred in some applications because groundwood paper yellows relatively quickly.33

Channels of Distribution. CFSP and other types of graphic paper are all sold in two channels of distribution, to distributors and to end users. However, the relative importance of each channel may differ


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