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percent are projected for both full-year 2006 and 2007. The home market consistently consumed about a *** of total CFS paper production with internal consumption/transfers accounting for about *** percent. Exports as a share of total shipments accounted for *** percent of total shipments from 2003 through September 2006. The export share of total shipments is projected to decrease in 2007 compared to full- year 2006 by *** percentage points to *** percent as home market shipments rise by *** percentage points (with a *** percentage point decline in internal consumption/transfers). Although slight, the reported decline in the export share is accounted for entirely by the share of exports to the United States; the share of total shipments accounted for by other markets rises slightly. Indonesian manufacturers anticipate shipping to the United States, in absolute terms, about *** short tons less CFS paper in 2007 than will be shipped in full-year 2006. Projected 2007 exports to the United States will *** the 2005 level, which was approaching *** that shipped in 2003.

Table VII-6 Coated free sheet paper: Indonesian production capacity, production, shipments, and inventories, 2003-05, January-September 2005-06, and projected 2006-07


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CFS paper exported by the Indonesian manufacturers was reported not to be subject to antidumping findings or remedies in any WTO-member countries.16 Table VII-7 lists overall capacity and production data for products manufactured on the same equipment and machinery used in the production of the subject merchandise and table VII-8 provides data on Indonesian production and exports to the United States by type of product. As shown, *** portion of the CFS paper produced in Indonesia is in web form with *** web roll exports to the United States during the period examined.

Table VII-7 Coated free sheet paper: Products produced by subject Indonesian manufacturers on the same equipment and machinery used in the production of coated free sheet paper, 2003-05


Table VII-8 Coated free sheet paper: Indonesian production and exports of subject merchandise to the United States, by web rolls, sheeter rolls, and sheets, 2003-05, January-September 2006, and projected 2006-07

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Eight Korean manufacturers of CFS paper provided data in response to the foreign producer questionnaire (table VII-1). The firms reported aggregate capacity of 2.3 million tons in 2005 with production of 2.2 millions tons. Since these figures actually exceed those reported in the ***,17 questionnaire data as reported are believed to account for virtually the entire Korean industry. Korean


Pindo Deli and Tjiwi Kimia’s foreign producer questionnaire response, question II-6.

17 Document is attached as exh. 18 to the petition. According to the “***,” there were *** tons of Korean CFS paper capacity in 2005 with production of *** tons.


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