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The Commission's questionnaires in this preliminary phase investigation requested comments regarding the differences and similarities between coated free sheet paper and uncoated free sheet paper in terms of the Commission’s like product factors, including (1) characteristics and uses; (2) interchangeability; (3) manufacturing processes; (4) channels of distribution; (5) customer and producer perceptions; and (6) price. The following comments were received:

Coated Free Sheet Paper AND Uncoated Free Sheet Paper

Characteristics and Uses


“CFS has coatings that enhance print performance and appearance. Regarding print performance, less ink is required to achieve the desired effect on CFS versus uncoated free sheet. Regarding appearance, the superior ink retention on CFS results in enhanced graphic reproduction relative to UFS, particularly important in commercial and publication printing. For a given basis weight (grammage), the uncoated free sheet will normally be bulkier than its CFS counterpart.

Uncoated free sheet is used in a great deal of printer and copy paper and other business products. This is a small market, e.g. color printer paper in the case of CFS. CFS, unlike uncoated free sheet, serves primarily in the commercial printing market.”


“*** produces two general types of coated papers: cast-coated and matte coated. In cast-coated papers, the Company produces coated-one-side and coated-two-side cover stock and folding board and coated one-side label papers. In matte coated papers, the Company produces coated-two-side papers in text and cover.

Cast-coated papers are premium triple coated papers and are well recognized for their very smooth, glossy, ink receptive surface and are used for applications where the customer requires the very best in print image reproduction and quality. End uses include corporate brochures, product brochures, annual reports, folders, greeting cards, high quality folding boxes and premium product labeling.

Matte-coated papers are noted for their excellent printing quality with a non-glossy surface which allows for less surface reflection of light for easier readability of print. Matte papers are less expensive than cast-coated papers and are used for brochures, covers, flyers, mailers and cards.

These two products are primarily distinguished from uncoated papers of like weight and thickness in that their coated surfaces allow for superior printed image production.”


“*** produced and sold the following types of uncoated product over the past three years: carbonless and thermal basestock, workbook, and offset. In 2005, the only uncoated sold by *** was carbonless and thermal basestock. These products are similar in physical properties to uncoated free sheet that is then coated on *** off-machine coater.

The end use of carbonless is multi-part forms and the end-use of thermal is a variety of variable printing applications including lottery, label, and receipts. The end use for workbook is elementary and high school workbooks that accompany textbooks and the end use of offset can be any printing application or envelopes.”


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