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Coated Free Sheet Paper From China, Indonesia, and Korea - page 160 / 198





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“Similarities: Same machinery, same base stock, same furnish. Differences: Different optics and smoothness, no coating/coating.”


“The primary difference between coated and uncoated is the improved print characteristics that coated paper provides. Customer applications requiring superior printability often require a coated paper.”


“Most of products go to offset and digital process.”


“Producers of envelopes, copy paper, forms, school supplies, catalogues, brochures, and magazines prefer to use uncoated papers in the production of their products. End uses for coated paper include products that require high-end graphics. Print quality and aesthetics of the sheet are better in coated free sheet. Bags, envelopes, and labels can be made from both.”



“The two are interchangeable. Uncoated free sheet is the preferred paper for printing on laser or ink-jet applications. Coated is used for higher graphic applications.”


“Uncoated free sheet and cast-coated and matt-coated papers are interchangeable in that they will both print, convert, fold, glue, bind, collate, etc. however, there are significant differences in print quality, surface feel and appearance and premium “use” of the final end-use product as a result of the print performance and look of coated papers.”


“There is no interchangeability between the end use of coated free sheet and the end use of carbonless and thermal basestock. At a basic level coated or uncoated product could be used for workbook, however since workbooks are used for student practice and generally disposed of after one class year, it is not typical to utilize coated free sheet in that application. Both coated free sheet and offset can be used for commercial printing applications; however, coated is generally used for applications where higher quality graphics are required such as annual reports, brochures, and catalogs. Offset is used for envelopes, direct mail and catalogs.”


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