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Coated Free Sheet Paper From China, Indonesia, and Korea - page 161 / 198





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“Both can be printed but the coated paper will have much better ink holdout and print fidelity.”


“Somewhat interchangeable.”


“Most of our customer applications either require a coated paper or an uncoated paper. There is seldom the opportunity for a customer to interchange these two grades.”


“The visual appearance of printing on CFS will look substantially different than the same images printed on uncoated free sheet. The image quality on the coated paper is readily seen to be superior to the uncoated version. These products are not used interchangeably in the market.”

Manufacturing Processes


“*** has *** paper machines and ***. Coated free sheet is produced (i) “in-line” on *** of its paper machines (***) and also (ii) ***. ***.. With the exception of applying the clay coating (either “in line” or on the “off machine” coater) to produce coated papers, the manufacturing process is essentially the same for producing coated and uncoated products on these two paper machines. The same materials, labor, and equipment are used with no significant modifications required. ***. The off-machine coater uses blade coating technology to coat uncoated basestock.”


“Our coated products are first made on our paper machines as base stock. This base stock is then run through an off-machine coater.”


“You need to make uncoated free sheet paper before making coated free sheet paper. This can be done on the same paper machine with off-machine coating but it must be on different machines where there is on-machine coating. Additional raw materials and equipment are required to manufacture coated free sheet paper. Coating materials include clay, calcium carbonate, latex, starch, plastic pigment, optical brighteners and various dyes. Equipment includes a coater (either on-machine or off-machine); a coating make down facility which includes tanks, pumps, and mixers; and supercalenders which provide the final smoothness and gloss characteristics to the coated surface.”


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