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Coated Free Sheet Paper From China, Indonesia, and Korea - page 163 / 198





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“Both coated free sheet and uncoated free sheet use multiple channels of distribution. Coated free sheet is sold both direct to large volume purchasers (magazine, catalog and book publishers, printers, corporations, etc.) as well as through intermediaries (paper merchants and / or brokers). Approximately 70% of all coated free sheet volume is sold through distribution as reported by AF&PA. Uncoated free sheet is also sold both direct and through distribution. In many cases the channels are similar to coated but uncoated would also feature more volume going to channel partners that are more prominent or more appropriate to uncoated (envelope converters, forms printers, superstores, etc.) than you would find with coated free sheet.”


“Usually uncoated is sold to specific market customers and it is not inventoried. Coated paper is stocked for sale. The majority of coated papers are sold through merchants.”


“*** sells all of its coated free sheet products through distributors. Workbook and offset are also sold through distributors. Carbonless and thermal basestock are sold directly to the carbonless and thermal manufacturer.”


“No difference (primarily merchants).”

Customer and Producer Perceptions


“Our coated products are marketed into the commercial print, magazine and catalog segments. The uncoated free sheet is just used to fill machine capacity.”


“Coated paper has more hold-out and is glossier. Uncoated is more stiff.”


“Customer and producer perceptions regarding CFS and UFS are dependent on intended end use. The common general perception is that CFS is a superior product that commands a price premium because it prints better than UFS products in all product grades.”


“Uncoated carbonless and thermal basestock are sold under an annual contract to one customer. Uncoated workbook or offset are less profitable products that are produced to “fill capacity” that otherwise would be idle.”


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