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for instance, the high volume catalogers generally use CGW for the body of their books, so ad to take advantage of the lower basis weights available which dramatically reduce postal costs. For low volume catalogs, and for catalogs that feature very high priced merchandise (jewelry, for instance), and for catalogs that require very high reproductive fidelity, will generally use CFS. For magazines, the same type of delineation applies. For instance, the mass market newsweeklies (Time, Newsweek, etc.) typically use CGW in order to save on postal costs. The high-end magazines, especially those that rely on photographic excellence, typically use CFS (Architectural Digest, National Geographic, etc.). many of the magazines that use CGW for the body of the book use CFS for the covers. General commercial print, which includes short run magazines and catalogs, brochures, annual reports, and other short run projects, typically uses CFS, with very little CGW utilized in this sector.”



“The products are not interchangeable unless the user is willing to sacrifice the properties cited above - strength, permanence and brightness (appearance). Such might be the case for short-lived publications such as weekly magazines, but is not the case for the bulk of the CFS market.”


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“Little interchangeability. Similar basis weights are only 45, 50, 60 lb. The high end groundwoods are used in catalogs and magazines similar to lightweight free sheet.”


“There are high brightness CGW grades that have attempted to substitute directly for CFS (No. 4 CGW, Hybrid CGW). These grades have been moderat3ely successful. More typical is a cataloger or magazine that progresses through a product life cycle, where the initial publications are typically short run, on heavy weight CFS. As the catalog or magazine becomes more successful, and then more mature, it typically reduces basis weight and at some point switches to CGW.”

Manufacturing Processes


“Bleached kraft pulp principally used in free sheet coated paper. Groundwood pulps principally found in groundwood coated paper.”


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