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The Commission's questionnaires in this preliminary phase investigation requested comments regarding the differences and similarities between one-sided coated free sheet paper AND two-sided coated free sheet in terms of the Commission’s like product factors, including (1) characteristics and uses; (2) interchangeability; (3) manufacturing processes; (4) channels of distribution; (5) customer and producer perceptions; and (6) price. The following comments were received:

One-sided Coated Free Sheet Paper AND Two-sided Coated Free Sheet Paper

Characteristics and Uses


“Differences: Exclusively used for labels (C1S), packaging Similarities: Same commercial printing applications, same distribution, same components.”


“Coated one-side and coated two-side products have the same physical characteristics except that coated one-side has coating on only one side. Coated one-side is typically used in applications requiring high quality printing on one-side and gluing on the other. Applications include cut and stack labels, in-mold labels, packaging, posters, and signage. Coated two-side products are generally used for commercial printing applications, books, annual reports, brochures, catalogs, direct mail, and ad inserts.”


“Primary difference between coated 1-side and 2-side is the application of the coating. Customer’s application determines whether they need a coated 1-side or coated 2-side.”


“By most measures these papers are identical except for the fact one side of the C1S paper has no coating. This will impact the mechanical properties of the paper; tear and stiffness, for example, will differ for C1S and C2S papers of the same basis weight. The coated side of a C1S paper may have the identical coating present on its surface as its C2S counterpart, thus giving the same optical characteristics and same print characteristics. The uncoated side however, will have the same limitations cited previously when comparing CFS versus uncoated free sheet.”


“Pretty similar.”


“Coated one-sided free sheet paper has coating applied to one side of the sheet and is generally used in specific applications where printing is applied to the one coated side for applications such as product labels, covers, folders, posters and product packaging.

Coated two-sided free sheet paper has coating applied to both sides of the sheet and is generally used in specific applications where both sides of the sheet are printed for applications such as magazines, brochures and annual reports.”


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