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Coated Free Sheet Paper From China, Indonesia, and Korea - page 174 / 198





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“One-sided coated free sheet is used for applications such as labels, box wraps, posters, bags, and envelopes. Two-sided is used primarily in printing catalogs, brochures, and magazines.”



“There is generally limited interchangeability between the two products due to the lesser printability of the uncoated side of C1S. As a label for example, the uncoated side, cable of absorbing an adhesive, is affixed to a container. Or, the uncoated side of the C1S paper may be laminated to another substrate, thus providing the superior printability of the coated side and the bonding of the uncoated side to a new material, for example a piece of cardboard, giving a new product with superior bulk and stiffness characteristics.”


“Generally, coated one-side sheets are specified in applications where the application only requires one-sided printing and does not require the use of a coated two-side sheet.”


“One side is same; other side refer to coated vs. uncoated (see II-3e).”


“Coated one-side products are not interchangeable for most coated two-side commercial print applications that require the same characteristics on both sides of the sheet for two-sided printing. Coated two-side products can be interchangeable for some typical C1S uses such as labels, packaging, and posters.”


“When only one side needs to be printed the two products are interchangeable as long as the customer doesn’t mind the side to side surface difference.”


“They generally are not interchanged.”


“Coated 1-side and coated 2-side are typically not interchangeable due to the requirements/specifications for the customer’s end-use application.”


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