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Coated Free Sheet Paper From China, Indonesia, and Korea - page 176 / 198





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“Distribution channels are the same for coated one-side and coated two-side sheets.”


“*** sells both coated one-side and coated two-side products through distributors. Most competitors sell coated one side direct to large label converters.”


“Both one sided coated free sheet and two sided coated free sheet use multiple channels of distribution. Approximately 70% of all two sided coated free sheet volume is sold through distribution as reported by AF&PA, while one sided coated free sheet is less dependent upon merchant distribution. The majority of one sided coated free sheet is sold directly by the manufacturer to a variety of customers (litho laminators, converters, commercial printers, pressure sensitive OEMs, metallizer OEMs). While less common, a significant volume of product is also sold through distribution, predominantly to commercial printers.”


“Both coated 1-side and coated 2-side are sold to companies that provide value-added converting. Example-U.S. Playing Card takes our coated 1-side and produces playing cards (ex. -Poker cards).”

Customer and Producer Perceptions


“In many cases, customers and producers would have similar perceptions of quality and product attributes between these two products. Both are used extensively by the commercial printing community and quality is measured by a combination of appearance and runnability attributes.

Coated one side products are also used by converters and label manufacturers and are often specified into a production process. As such these products required "qualification" to a more formal degree throughout the supply chain than what is typically associated with coated two side free sheet.”


“Customer requirements drive the type of product they purchase. For someone requiring a coated 1-side, their perception of coated 2-side would be that it is over engineered for their application.”


“There are specific application driven by whether graphics are required on one or both sides of the sheet.”


“C1S is perceived to be technically more challenging because of the downstream converting processes.”



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