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from the product segment that accounts for approximately 70 percent of apparent U.S. consumption, and this absence was consistent over the POI. 16

Web rolls are designed for use in rotary web presses and are intended for high-volume printing through high-speed presses at high temperatures. Sheet CFSP, on the other hand, is intended to be used in sheet-fed presses, for shorter runs, with higher-grade finishes. The record provides no indication that these products are interchangeable in the market.

Thus, the record indicates that subject imports increased modestly relative to overall apparent domestic consumption. The market share of subject imports increased between 2003 and 2005, but that increase came at the expense of nonsubject imports rather than the domestic industry, and only in interim 2006 did the market share of the domestic industry decline modestly. The record indicates that subject imports were absent from a significant segment of the domestic market. For these reasons, I find that the volume of subject imports is not significant.


Price Effects of the Subject Imports

Section 771(C)(ii) of the Act provides that, in evaluating the price effects of subject imports, the Commission shall consider whether – (I) there has been significant price underselling by the imported merchandise as compared with the price of domestic like products of the United States, and (II) the effect of imports of such merchandise otherwise depresses prices to a significant degree or prevents price increases, which otherwise would have occurred, to a significant degree. 17

Product-specific pricing data were gathered on three CFSP products, and pricing data were segmented by sales to paper merchants and sales to end users. This product-specific data covered a significant portion of both domestic shipments and shipments of subject imports. 18

For product 1 sales to paper merchants, subject imports consistently undersold the domestic like product and typically by double-digit margins. The volume of domestic sales rose over the POI and was significantly higher in each of the three quarters of 2006 than in the corresponding quarters of 2003. But

the prices received by the domestic industry were lower in 2006 than in 2003.19 also able to verify some *** made by petitioner.20

Commission staff were

But sales of product 1 to paper merchants was the only product/channel combination suggesting that subject imports influenced prices for the domestic like product. Sales of subject imported product 1 to end users were modest in volume, and despite fairly consistent underselling by subject imports, prices received for the domestic like product rose in both 2005 and 2006.21 The volume of reported sales of subject imported product 3 to paper merchants rose over the POI. But sales of the domestic like product

16 Both petitioner and counsel for Korean respondents concurred that about 70 percent of the U.S. market is web roll CFSP. Tr. at 89 (Mr. Tyrone) and 13 (Mr. Cameron). According to Korean respondents, subject imports of CFSP have been in the U.S. market for approximately 20 years without ever gaining a foothold in the web roll market. Tr. at 107 (Mr. Cho).


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