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descriptions may cause confusion for some users, some subject imports may be entered under other HTS subheadings (e.g., 4810.31, 4810.32). 12


The Commission’s determination regarding the appropriate domestic product that is “like” the subject imported product is based on a number of factors, including (1) physical characteristics and uses; (2) common manufacturing facilities and production employees; (3) interchangeability; (4) customer and producer perceptions; (5) channels of distribution; and, where appropriate, (6) price.

Petitioner contends that the domestic like product is co-extensive with the scope of the subject merchandise as defined by Commerce, which includes both single-side coated (or C1S) and double-side- coated (or C2S) CFS in “both sheet and roll form” regardless of the weight, brightness level, and/or finish.13 Respondents stated at the Commission’s conference that they do not contest the definition of the domestic like product for the purpose of the Commission’s preliminary investigations. 14


Earlier investigations by the Commission found paper to be a “highly ubiquitous commodity with many applications and nearly as many varieties.”15 As noted in the scope, the specific import subject to these investigations is paper or paperboard of a kind intended for writing, printing, or other graphic purposes. According to the report of the earlier investigations, graphic papers are differentiated by the surface characteristics of the paper and the processes by which their wood fibers are obtained, and the

industry segments graphic papers based on these characteristics.16 papers, which is shown below, remains unchanged.

This fundamental hierarchy for graphic

Coated freesheet– clay coated paper predominately composed of chemically obtained fibers (90 percent or more by weight), used primarily for permanent and higher priced publications such as premium magazines, gift books, and art reproductions.

Uncoated freesheet– similar in composition to coated freesheet but without coating and used primarily for xerographic paper, printing, drawing, and writing paper (e.g., letterhead, stationary).

Coated groundwood– clay coated paper made with substantial proportions of mechanically derived pulp, generally used for multi-colored publications that remain in use from several days to a month – primarily magazines, merchandising catalogues, and better quality newspaper inserts.

12 The National Import Specialist (“NIS”) for paper products at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (”Customs”) in New York, noted that even when there were duties in chapter 48, the distinction between papers for “writing, printing or graphic purposes” and for other purposes was always "nebulous." Staff telephone interview with *** Paper NIS, Customs, October, 25, 2006. ,



Petitioner’s postconference brief, p. 6. Conference transcript, pp. 185-186 (Morgan and Cameron).

15 Coated Groundwood Paper from Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, Inv. Nos. 731- TA-487-490 (Final), USITC Publication 2467, December 1991, p. A-4.

16 Coated Groundwood Paper from Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, Inv. Nos. 731- TA-487-490 (Final), USITC Publication 2467, December 1991, p. A-4.


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