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Two importers reported that they do not have access to domestically produced CFS paper, one citing unavailability in certain geographic markets. One importer reported that U.S. producers take advantage of the fact that subject imports do not offer web rolls in the United States by requiring customers to buy the U.S. producers’ full product line rather than just buying web rolls.34 Two importers also reported that the technical support and customer service offered by U.S. producers is superior to that of import suppliers. Three importers reported that paper merchants prefer to offer their customers a wider range of quality and prices and therefore carry U.S.-produced CFS paper as well as subject imports and possibly European product as well.35

Other Country Comparisons

In addition to comparisons between the U.S. product and imports from the subject countries, U.S. producer and importer comparisons between the United States and imports from nonsubject countries and between subject imports and nonsubject imports are also shown in tables II-1 and II-2. The majority of responding U.S. producers and importers reported that nonsubject imports are “always” or “frequently” interchangeable with domestic product and with subject imports. The majority of responding U.S. producers and importers reported that differences other than price between nonsubject imports and domestic product and between nonsubject imports and subject imports are sometimes significant.

One importer reported that imports from European countries are competitive in the web-roll segment.36 Another importer reported that CFS paper has different brightness levels and basis weights. Another importer reported that European countries make coated paper which is less stiff than domestic product or subject-produced coated free sheet, due to the different fibers and coating formulations they use. This importer also noted that CFS paper from Europe tends to require more care in handling. Another importer reported that European suppliers, like domestic producers, offer lower basis weights.37 This importer also reported that the European CFS paper has the best surface quality, consisting of very fine fiber which is more receptive to coatings.38 Another importer reported that imports from Europe are mostly sold on the east coast.39


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