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Grand Canyon National Park

2009/2010 Accomplishment Report

Message from the Superintendent

This report provides a summary of key accomplishments by the staff of Grand Canyon National Park in the last two years. The genesis of these accomplishments starts in 2007 with a series of goals set for the park by the Washington and Intermountain Region offices, and the Grand Canyon management team. Over the last 35 years, I have been involved in the management of parks from many different perspectives. The accomplishments by the staff at Grand Canyon, however, surpass anything I have seen from the many incredible management teams I have worked with.

Steve P. Martin Superintendent

At the start of 2007, Grand Canyon had several major management challenges, including:

  • A dysfunctional transportation system with two-hour waits at the entrance station and chaotic parking along the South Rim

  • A visitor center that was virtually inaccessible to visitors

  • A partnership with key fund-raising partner that had disintegrated and no longer functioned

  • An administration division in shambles over contracting and accounting missteps that led to the Pacific General, Inc. (PGI) contracting predicament and a backlog of unfinished projects

  • Employee morale and housing issues

  • Concession concerns, including the accounting and tracking of millions of dollars in leasehold surrender interests

  • Problems with basic infrastructure, including office space, housing for the Havasupai Tribe, and roads and trails

  • Key planning projects that needed to move ahead, including the restoration of natural quiet to the park, the park’s fire management plan, and key visitor use needs

  • The lack of a central visitor center at Desert View and on the South Rim and lack of key interpretive opportunities such as a park film

  • Continued impairment of canyon resources by Glen Canyon Dam operations that did not recognize the National Park Service role in managing the park

  • A lack of any “greening” projects for key infrastructure, which could serve as examples for sustainability

These are just a few of the major challenges the staff took on. They also continued to provide for the safety, care and rescue of visitors, implemented innovative programs in all of their fields and worked to be proud stewards for the NPS. This summary highlights the work of the Grand Canyon staff and is a tribute to their professionalism.


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