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The Sabbath and Worship Music


The Touching Case of Cristina Piccardi

The case of Cristina Piccardi is even more revealing. As my wife and I came to know this lovely couple, we discovered that financially they are hurting deeply. Why? Simply because Cristina and her husband, a seminary student, are in the USA on a student visa that allows them to work only 20 hours a week. Since they cannot get a student’s loan, both of them are working in this moment in a doctor’s office for the minimum wage of $7.00 per hour.

To pay for her husband’s education and their small apartment, they have been forced to borrow heavily from several credit cards. When Cristina told me how much they owe to the credit card companies, I was shocked, because they have to pay 16% on their outstanding balance which is much higher than you can imagine. Half of what they earn each month goes to pay just the interest of their credit card.

When my wife and I learned about their dire financial distress, we felt that we should come to their financial rescue before they got deeper into debt. At 16% interest per month on a substantial credit card loan, one ends up getting deeper and deeper into debt. To help this needy couple we decided to do three things. First we wrote a check to pay all the outstand- ing balances in their four credit cards. This is a free loan with no interest to be paid back when funds become available.

Second, I offered to pay for the pianist, the recording and the editing of the newly released DVD album. The total cost of this project is over $5000.00.

Third, I am supplying Cristina her DVD album FREE OF CHARGE. This means that all the money that comes in from the sale of her CD and DVD disks on Saturday night at the end of our seminars, will be for her to keep. I will not receive a single cent from the sale of her recording, not even the refund for what I paid for the taping, editing, burning, and packaging of the albums. She will use all the income to pay for her hus- band seminary fees, their rent, and other financial obligations.

If this story has touched your heart and you feel inspired to help this needy couple, feel free to mail a check made to Cristina Piccardi, c/o Samuele Bacchiocchi, 4990 Appian Way, Berrien Springs, MI 49103. Rest assured that I will pass on the check to her as soon as I received it. It is hard for me to believe that Cristina, whom I regard as the most gifted

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