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CONSTANCE: I guess we should get started by everybody introducing each other. Why don't you start, Dr. Tran?

GARY TRAN: I'm a veterinarian from Louisville, Kentucky. I'm a newcomer to this modality, so I would be glad to share my experiences with my colleagues.

DR. WASKEL: I'm Dr. Waskal, a chiropractor in the Minneapolis Area, do heart-rate testing, autonomic response testing, muscle testing, and I'm glad to be here to listen to what everyone has to say.

DR. STASHCO: I'm a chiropractor in Northeast PA. Jeff knows me very well. I do bio-nutritional testing, HRV and muscle testing.

DR. DAN DAVIS: Hey guys, I'm Dr. Davis and I'm from Redding, California. I am a practicing chiropractor and naturopath. And I don't have heart-rate variable, but I do have a Vega, and I do applied kinesiology, and dark field.

DR. MARRONGELLE: Hi guys. I know just about everybody here, and I've been working with Yury and Constance and the Subtle Energy formulas for well over two years now, and on the original formulas and doing research and development, analyzing what kind of concepts we can come up with. Pretty exciting stuff. We wanted to get together with those of you who are already familiar with the concept and the technology, and have used these clinically, and share some of our experience and talk about how we're using the application of Subtle Energy technology clinically.

CONSTANCE: So, Jeff, there are four or five things that we have on this call that we wanted to cover, as a general consensus. One was dosage for different types of conditions. What is the maximum amount of formulas to be taken in a single day. How to best deal with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and how to best describe what Vital Force formulas are and how they work. And, Number Five, was what do we mean by "energetic modulators," "dark matter," and what role do they really play. So without any more discussion on my part, why don't I turn it over to you, Jeff, and you take it from here.

DR. MARRONGELLE: OK, that's a lot of territory. Let's start with, I think, dosage parameters and multiple use. Because I'm sure all of us have faced that issue with people. How much is the right dosage for that person or another. I'm going to include veterinary references here for Dr. Tran, because I've used these with my own critters. I have ten horses and four or five dogs, and a couple of snakes--we have a funny farm. At one time or another most of my animals have been experimental models for whatever kind of situation arises for them.

What's interesting is the need for energy. The first premise is that it is not size and weight dependent. It's not like if you're giving a daily nutritional dose or if you're giving a pharmaceutical where a 200-pound guy needs more than a 100-pound woman. It really

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