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DR. DAVIS: That's accurate. I'm with you a hundred percent.

DR. MARRONGELLE: ...you know? I've seen all of Paul Cheney's PV O2 studies and PC O2, etc., etc., etc., and they observed physiologically the phenomena, but the corrections don't occur, because they're not getting down to that root which is the brain's control of the vascular system, and the hypotonia and the Vagul influence, etc.

DR. DAVIS: Exactly right. And also what they do, what they always do, is go after trying to stimulate sympathetic remedy in an attempt to jack up the already failed adrenal-hypothalamic-pituitary axes. They get a bump for about two weeks, they'll look terrific, but then they'll crash as worse then when they started.

DR. MARRONGELLE: I always tell them they're whipping the horse that pulls the wagon.

DR. DAVIS: That's exactly right. If we can figure out how to get that rhythm up so that they are sympathetically toned during the day, and parasympathetically re-regulated at night they'll do a lot better.

DR.: Another thing I've noticed, too, is that by using these Subtle Energy products, is that I use a lot less homeopathy than I used to. Have you guys seen that, too?

DR.: I've seen the dosages go down even in using nutritional or homeopathy, whatever, the dosages go down as you enter into and support the energy.

DR. DAVIS: What I'm finding also is that I've blended some homeopathies with the specifics of the Subtle Energy, and have actually found that makes a quicker response in the acute phase.

DR.: A powerful thing to try, too, guys, think about this. Is use the patient's own body fluids--you know, saliva, urine, which is the most convenient one, and invert them through a wave front and put it into a drainage remedy, or whatever remedy--just infuse them with some of the Subtle Energy products. Like what Jeff was talking earlier about the strep situation in animals.

DR. MARRONGELLE: This works incredibly. We'll take a hair and a saliva, and I've done it with my horses. Unbelievable. Because all their DNA is in their hair. And all their chronic toxicity and all their acute stuff is going to be in saliva--pretty much so. And I'll put a remedy together and then invert it using that device, and put it back into them from afar. I mean they sent me samples down from my farm upstate, and I fixed my horses upstate, and boom, they get better. The animals REALLY respond to these subtle energies.

DR. TRAN: I concur with you a hundred percent, because I found out that these energy formulas work very well in neurological disorders. Seizure problems and severe head trauma from accidents, and I also like to use them in severe trauma--animal run over by

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