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car, gunshot wound, and infection situations with decontamination it works so well, and so fast. That's what I like about them.

DR. MARRONGELLE: Well, the innate thing about animals is they auto-regulate so much more rapidly than we do. They have a much stronger survival mechanism, I think, and they don't have the extraneous stuff.

DR. DAVIS: I think we're just worn out. We've got survival every moment in America.


DR. DAVIS: That emergency energy is completely gone.

DR. MARRONGELLE: Yes, where that's not so in critters. We keep ourselves so near to the edge of stress, of blown out, all the time that what we've been seeing more and more over the years is people have an overwhelming stressor and they never go back to being the way they were.

DR. DAVIS: Exactly right.

DR. TRAN: In connection with this, I like the Stress Relief because it keeps the cats and the nasty, mean dogs under control very quickly. After about the first or second dose, we can work with them very easily.

CONSTANCE: Guys, our time is coming rapidly to a close. Know that there was a question at least from some of you as to what do you tell your patients what this stuff is and how it works?

DR. DAVIS: What's the right answer?

DR. MARRONGELLE: The answer? We discuss this I can't tell you how often among ourselves. Do we hide this under a bushel and just say, Here take this. Do we try to explain the string theory of physics to somebody with an eighth-grade education? Do we maybe offend someone's religious sensitivities by saying it helps your Chi? You know? We have kicked and bantered this around so often. I think it's going to come back to our earlier explanation that we started with, that we have discovered by the use of very high-tech physics, a way to influence the organizing energy between our cells, between our molecules. By helping that energy, that major glue factory that holds us together, we can positively influence the body's physical response. Whatever works for you guys, I'd love to hear it. Constance and Yury would love to hear it.

DR. DAVIS: How do you respond when they look at a remedy and it's all the same and yet the label's different?

DR. TRAN: I call the formulas energy medicine, or vibrational medicine. I don't have any problems with my clients accepting that.

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