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DR.: I don't have a problem either. I just tell them that they are high-powered homeopathics and...

DR. TRAN: Yeah, I also mention it's a form of homeopathic substance.

DR. MARRONGELLE: What I did was share this with Constance the other day. In my practice what I've done is most of our patients now are becoming--those that glom on to alternative guys--is that they are somewhat familiar with homeopathics, and they are somewhat familiar with isopathics. So realizing that this is Subtle Energy, that quantum physics thing, just calls it quantum-pathic, a new generation in technology.

CONSTANCE: Are there any questions you'd like to put on the table, or observations...

DR.: One quick thing. Patient compliance when there's multiple formulas with multiple dosages. How have you found that working?

DR. MARRONGELLE: At that point, if you're doing four things or something, blend them. I just blend them and give them to them. Obviously what Gary's seeing and what some of the other of us are seeing--I mean, I pulled a calf around, guys, the same way, by just actually infusing it during rectal infusion and oral infusion with intubating them down the throat, and doing rectal infusion with the enema bags. You just have to get the energy in the body. You just have to get it into the unit. So it doesn't matter. We've done kids with g-tubes. We've done adults--if you're seeing intense cancer patients, some of them may not be able to have oral nutrition or anything, and they already have a g-tube going in. You can put it right in there. As long as it gets in the body, it doesn't matter. The rules aren't there in energy medicine with these energetics like they are with homeopathy where it's got to have the brain stimulation, sublingual--it just has to be inside the unit somewhere by whatever method. So, combining it, whatever works, it all works. It all works.

DR. TRAN: Could we use these drops in food?

DR. MARRONGELLE: Oh, absolutely. Sure. Put it in juice...

DR. TRAN: It's really easy to dose animals, just drop it in their food and they're eating it. In my case, most of the time, I use the product in Tahitian Noni juice. I have no problem at all.

DR. MARRONGELLE: Use whatever carrier you want to use with it. Someone had mentioned earlier about using it with homeopathic and potentiating homeopathic formulas. It does not disturb the effect of homeopathics. That has not been my observation in any way. I mean you can put them in together in the same water. It does not change the homeopathic resonant frequency.

CONSTANCE: Does everybody else have that same experience?

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