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is independent of that whole concept, and is much more dependent on that person's physical need for energy. Most all of us that are on the line can access that need by kinesiology, ART testing, EAV testing, whatever method we use. So for us, that's not really a problem, is it? If it is, then just say, Yeah, it is, what do I do? But everyone that's here on this line can access the body's needs by some method or another.

DOCTOR: So that's an effective way to dose, too.

DR. MARRONGELLE: It is. Muscle-test or EAV, that's how you can get your doses. What I've been doing--we've faithfully used the safety and effectiveness of the Subtle Energy products. It's unlimited. If it lives--if it is a living organism, it does benefit from the organizational energy of Subtle Energy formulas. We've done experiments on everything from grass to reptiles to mammals to human beings--from pediatrics to extreme geriatrics; and, really, I've never observed an adverse effect from a Subtle Energy influence alone. Never. And that's a concept we want to discuss. You know, a light came on for me when we were discussing one of Dr. Tran's successes I think it was with a chihuahua. Dr. Tran, could you share that story with us, and then I'd like to discuss my theory on it.

DR. TRAN: I have used Vital Force formulas in dogs and cats mainly, and I have nothing to base my notes on the use of these formulas on animals except from Constance and Jeff Marrongelle. My results are very spectacular. When I use them in connection with products that I've been using for the past five years in animals at my animal emergency room with Noni Juice, I found out the combination of Tahitian Noni Juice and these formulas have had the hope to fix a multitude of diseases. Since I've been introduced to these products only a few months ago, I have had amazing results in serious, life-threatening situations that I was able to reverse sometimes in the matter of a few hours.

DR. MARRONGELLE: I think the dog had a concussion--had a closed-head injury and wound up in a comatose state?

DR. TRAN: Yes. I have many patients like that. With the animal in a comatose state I was able to bring it out of the coma in two or three hours after I used the product. Sometimes, because the animal cannot swallow, we have to use tubing to get the products into the stomach.

DR. MARRONGELLE: So in that case, you actually did an intubation--delivered it not through an oral route.

DR. TRAN: Well, mainly in animals I use oral route, and then lately I asked Constance to see in cases like that I could use an IV form, and they infused energy for me in saline solution. I've been using that also.

DR. MARRONGELLE: So here's two points I wanted to make out of some of these amazing things that we don't see because we have ambulatory practices. But we do have severe closed-head injuries in animals. And they're saying what happens when we

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