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put this energy--when we use Stress Relief formula and Clear Mind, and it wakes up a comatose head trauma. What is happening there--because we know we have physiologic brain swelling. We know we have edema, we know we have a neuro-electrical effect to the brain. What we're dealing with with the Subtle Energy products, or 85% of the material between the smallest particle of matter that we know of, what keeps quarks so far apart from one another, and be, you know, a thousandths of a millimeter instead of two-thousandth--is where Subtle works. Why does it work on our physiology? Because in that kind of trauma there's extreme disorganization energetically in that area--at the trauma site and over the entire brain. If we're putting something in--an energy in--that reorganizes the space and affects the 85% between the material--the molecular body, and sub-molecular body--then the molecules follow the energy. Is everybody with that? It's a concept that we have to own ourselves and understand in using this. And then, how we communicate that to a layperson or someone else, is going to be a different thing. But what we're really influencing with all of these products is the energy between the smallest parts. And that comprises the largest amount of any matter, including ourselves--including grass, grass seed, and dogs and cats. Why then, if we're influencing that, is dosage specific? Because the greater the need for organizational energy, the higher the dosage has to be. And, maybe the more frequent the dosage has to be.

So, this morning I had a Parkinson's case in here. We dosed him with Indium energy. I gave him 10 drops, the standard dosage, and I repeated the HRV and saw what happened, and how he felt, and retested him with EAV; and I didn't get quite enough. So I gave him another 20 drops. This gentleman could not walk appropriately, and kiddingly I said to him after he had a good EAV the second time and had a nice autonomic nervous system response, and his sympathetic and parasympathetic systems were balanced and he was very close to a normal level. This isn't the first time I've seen him. I've been working with his guy for a long time. He had a heavy metal toxicity and a formaldehyde chemical toxicity that we had to deal with, but he's been constantly on one or more of the Subtle Energy formulas to provide the energy his system could deal with the excretion response and the excretion capability. So, we did the second dosage, which would be one-and-a-half times the daily dose, and got this strong response. He needed a lot of energy. He could hardly walk. One of my nurses would always walk with him so he could cotter into something, or fall or whatever. I said, "Alright, do ten jumping jacks for me," kiddingly. And he didn't do jumping jacks, but be jumped a little bit in the air. He hadn't jumped for years. I mean he couldn't get both feet off the ground because he had no balance. I said, You gotta be kidding. And before he left--he's a Mennonite guy, older gentleman in his sixties--he says, "I feel like I could just jump in the air." And he walked that much better. If I had under-dosed him, it might have taken a month for that to happen. It might have taken two weeks for him to walk better, but I kept dosing him until I got not only an autonomic nervous system response, but an observable physiological response.

The more we use these things, the more we become confident that the dosages can go higher and higher, especially on the front end when the person needs a dramatic amount of energy.

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